Settlement Reached in Subaru Class Action Windshield Lawsuit

A settlement has been reached in the class action lawsuit against car manufacturer Subaru that alleged that the windshields of certain vehicles were prone to cracking.

Under the terms of the settlement agreement, Subaru will extend the warranty of the covered vehicles to eight years with unlimited miles and will cover expenses for the replacement of one free windshield including for car owners who have already replaced the original windshield due to cracking if the repair was done by an authorized retailer or third party.

The settlement terms are limited to owners or lessees, or former owners or lessees, of certain Subaru’s 2015 and 2016 Outback and Legacy vehicles. Subaru successfully reduced the number of vehicles involved in the suit by arguing that other none of the plaintiff members of the class had purchased, leased or owned those other vehicles.
The deadline for consumers to file claims under the class action is Friday, April 23, 2021. There is also a May 14, 2021 deadline for affected consumers to exclude themselves or object to the settlement. The final court hearing on the matter is scheduled for June 11, 2011. Detailed information about the settlement in the case, Khona, et al. v Subaru of American, Inc., can be found here.

The 2019 New Jersey based federal class action alleged that Subaru was “manufacturing, marketing and selling new vehicles with defective and dangerous windshields that were spontaneously and/or unreasonably cracking, chipping and otherwise breaking.” Plaintiffs argued that Subaru sold the cars without informing customers about their potential windshield defects caused by a design flaw in the windshield originating in or passing through the de-icer region causing it to be more susceptible to cracking.

Plaintiffs proffered three potential design flaws: 1) combination of ceramic materials for the black-colored printer perimeter with silver-colored material used for the wiper dicer portion of the windshield; 2) use of “acoustic glass” for the windshields; and 3) thickness of the windshield glass. Subaru argued that design related issue were not a failure to manufacture the windshields correctly and were not covered by the warranty.

The suit was originally filed in October 2019, was amended in November 2019 and was consolidated with three other lawsuits and finally a final lawsuit was added in April 2020.

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27 Responses to Settlement Reached in Subaru Class Action Windshield Lawsuit

  1. James Pritchett says:

    I have had my 2019 Forester for less than 2 years and 24,000 miles. The original windshield had to be replaced after one month. The new windshield had to have chips repaired twice. Yesterday I went out to my car to find a large crack in the windshield, so it will have to be replaced. That averages out to one crack and one new windshield every 12,000 miles.

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  3. N. Kelly says:

    I have a 2020 Outback and the windshield cracked from center bottom to all the across the drivers side which makes it terrible to drive especially on a sunny day. The large crack happened while my husband was slowing to a stoplight as he heard a pop and watched as it cracked in three different directions. A second large curved crack happened on the passengers side while I was driving and experienced the same thing sitting at a stop sign! This is my fourth Subaru and have never experienced anything like this before. I have had some pretty serious rock chips in other cars but you know when you get hit by something and they never crack like that.

  4. Robert Morlan says:

    I have a 2019 Outback and at 16,000 miles I needed my fourth windshield. I have a $500 deductible and if I turn in another claim( 4th windshield) I will be cancelled for claim frequency. So I get to pay over $1,000 out of pocket. Subaru did offer me $250-so I will have only $2,250.00 in windshield replacement. If they haven’t come up with a better windshield this is going to continue.

    • Loren says:

      I have a 2020 Outback and my first windshield cracked at 15K miles. I heard a loud pop and there was a 8 inch crack across my windshield starting from the right wiper blade arm. Just had the second cracked windshield at 20k miles 5 months later.

      How did you get Subaru to cover the replacement?

  5. Oliver M Black says:

    Sitting in the glass shop waiting room waiting for my second windshield to be replaced on my 2020 Forester. First one was 6 months ago, one month after I purchased the vehicle. First Subaru and probably my last…

  6. J. Repp says:

    Have a Subaru Outback Wilderness for 6 weeks. Car was sitting in driveway when I heard a loud “POP”. Windshield was cracked on passenger side half way up –center. Cracks progressed across to center and drivers side. Dealer said this problem was “fixed” in this model and not covered under warranty because he said “It was hit with a pebble”

    Well –Duh Mister dealer. Getting hit with a pebble is THE problem. Cars get hit with pebbles every day -BUT Subaru has a design problem. On this model the window is installed without a protective plastic edge frame on the perimeter(most windshields do) –One little speck of sand can cause an invisible stress crack on the exposed edge that will eventually propagate with temperature, shock and vibration. Next time you walk through a parking lot notice which cars have an exposed window edge— Only Subaru — can’t wait to trade it in

  7. robert freedman says:

    I bought my granddaughter a new 2020 Forestor. She has a learner’s permit and only can drive with her mother in the car. The car has only 4500 miles and it mostly sits in the garage. Last week she went to back the car out of the garage and there was a long stress fracture that had propagated from the lower passenger side towards the driver’s side. The fracture is internal and the exterior osurface of the windshield shows no evidence of damage from a rock. When I called Subaru of America customer surface the representative told they had not had complaints about defects only rock damage. That is a blatant lie and is a black eye on the reputation of Subaru for trying to cover up a known issue instead of finding an engineering solution and replacing the windshields with a new design

  8. I have a 2020 Outback. I was on the expressway and heard a loud Crack. About 30 seconds later a large Crack appeared across the middle, driver’s side windshield. It was a clear, sunny day, there were a few cars out and a panel van about 500 yards ahead of me. No semi’s in view. I am horrified at the thought of paying 1$1,000 for a faulty product.

  9. Amy says:

    I purchased a 2019 Subaru Ascent (in June 2021). I came out to my car to discover a 7inch crack in the windshield. Split from the side for no apparent reason.

  10. Julie says:

    I bought a 2019 Subaru Touring Edition model in July 2019. Some months ago a small rock hit my windshield & I had to have it patched.

    About a month ago, we started moving after the red light we were at turned green. There was not any traffic around. Just after acceleration I heard a loud “POP” & noticed a crack that started where the vents are near the windshield on the drivers side and it was 7” long. When I arrived home we looked at it further & in between the windshield housing & the blade there seemed to be a starburst looking point on the glass, & the crack went up & over from that. There is hardly any room between the housing & the blade, so I don’t know how something could have struck the glass due to the angles, etc. Between the dealer where I bought it & Subaru of America they are telling me to file an insurance claim. It’s likely to run $1400 to replace the glass & recalibrate the technology that’s built in the “eyesight” to help you from hitting someone, going out of your lane, etc. I keep reading of these issues, on all kinds of different websites! it’s time for Subaru to accept responsibility for their thin windshields, do a recall & fix this problem! Even the guy @ the dealership said they are manufacturing the glass too thin. This is so frustrating! I’m permanently disabled, ordered the vehicle in May 2019 & picked it up 7/3/19. It has 22,000 miles on it, which I think is low for a car almost 2-1/2 years old. I paid for the 100,000, 10 year warranty, I thought this would be my last vehicle. But I’m not replacing glass multiple times at that cost. My last vehicle has 174,000 miles on it after,12 years of ownership, & only had 1 issue with a large rock hitting the windshield.

  11. Gary E McMurray says:

    Getting ready for my 4th windshield 2020 Outback only 1 was hit by a rock.
    Casey Subaru here we come.

  12. Jeremy Morgan says:

    2020 Legacy bought in October 2021. There was an existing chip that was fixed by the dealer when we bought it. December 2021 a large crack formed across the upper passenger side. Upon inspection it appears there was a miniscule impact less than 1mm in depth. Dealer would not warrant this. Also, had another chip in the center lower portion of the windshield that has not cracked yet. This windshield is one of the most pitted that I have ever owned with such low miles and new build year. Disappointed to say the least.

  13. Shirley Chen says:

    I brought a 2022 Subaru outback on Dec 10th, 2021. On the morning of Feb 4th,2022 when Austin experienced, its first cold weather in the low 20th. I was shocked to find my new Garage kept outback windshield had a big 10″ crack on the driver’s side. It had less than 3000 miles. I did the windshield repair myself, but the crack didn’t stop. I am about to go to the dealer to ask for warranty coverage. Wish me luck.

  14. Laura says:

    At 943 miles on my new 2022 Outback Limited XT my windshield cracked from the bottom middle to the center. I had no idea the windshield was so thin.

  15. Paul Granone says:

    My 2022 Subaru Outback is only 9 months old with 9432 miles. ON 3/31/2022 the windshield suffered the spontaneous windshield breakage problem that Subaru’s suffer from. The windshield cracked from the lower left corner of the glass (looking from the front of the car to the windshield). There was nothing that hit the glass. There are no marks on it other than the crack that start from the lower left edge. The classic Subaru windshield failure issue.

    I am disgusted to have bought a 2022 Subaru Outback. If I had known about the Subaru spontaneous window cracking I would not have bought a Subaru.

    It looks like Subaru is building too lightweight of glass to save weight for gas mileage; or just being cheap and letting the buyer suffer.

  16. Lawrence says:

    My example of too thin glass on my 2021 Forester I got October 2021. Our windshield was hit by a small stone and immediately cracked from the far right side more than half way across the middle of the windshield. Rocks hit my old Highlander and never got more than a chip.

  17. Michael Hummer says:

    2020 outback 3 windshield replacements

  18. Ryan Zhang says:

    My 2020 Subaru Outback cracked from the lower left corner of the glass today during driving on the road. Heard a “POP” but did not see anything hit the glass. Cracks progressed from lower driver side across to center part. Have not contact deal yet. I believed it is from windshield glass defects.

  19. David says:

    Looks as though this faulty glass issue has yet to be fully resolved. Any ideas for seeking compensation would be appreciated.

    2021 Outback = 2 windshield replacements (car sold at 20,000 mi)
    2022 Outback = 1 windshield replacement (so far) 8500 mi

    In all three cases, a small rock chipped the windshield. Several days later, entire windshield was cracked.

  20. Paula Moloff says:

    I have a 2021 Subaru Forrester top of the line Touring SUV . In 2022 I had two windshield rock incidents which began with a ding repair and resulted in TWO windshield replacements within six weeks of each other. The vehicle had less than 10,000 miles, was never driven off-road. Both incidents occurred on I17 within the city of Phoenix. Geico has had to pay for two safelite repairs and two Subaru windshields. Subaru advertises the best safest cars on the road. What a joke but I’m 78 years old and not laughing! I just found out thia week when I had to take this dog of a car to the dealership because of a major electronic failure. Been driving their loaner for four days. How do I get the company to take back this bright crimson LEMON?

  21. Thosh says:

    I have a 2018 Subaru outback, and I am on my fourth windshield with just 100,000 miles on the vehicle! Ya….they’re cheap either!

  22. RA says:

    Subaru is doing everything they can to deny these claims. I was denied because my work order from the Subaru dealership that replaced my windshield 2016 did not indicate the location of the crack.

  23. Terri S says:

    We bought a 2019 Forester in June of that year. 2 weeks later, with less than 1,000 miles on it, a rock hit the windshield. Nothing happened that day, but the next morning there was 10″ crack. We were traveling for the month, and not able to find a dealership, so waited until we got home, at which point it was about 18″. 3 days ago (almost 4yr later), I was driving on a small highway with light traffic. A car from the next lane to my right threw a small stone. I drove a couple more miles and parked in the shade for a couple of hours. Returning to my car, there was now a 20″ crack from the passenger side edge, just above the wiper, to the middle of the windshield, below the rearview mirror. Grrrr…. As further aggravation, today I called to make an appointment, so that I could take care of this without having to deal with transportation. But NOOOOO! I have to have the appointment for my car, but it will still take 20-24 hours!

  24. Karen says:

    I have a 2018 Subaru Forester and the windshield cracked with a loud Pop while driving! It scared the crap out of me because I thought someone shot at my car. I had a crack from the bottom of the passenger side up about 6 inches to the center across to the driver side.
    I did point out to the sales representative when I bought my car that the trim around the passenger bottom windshield was peeled away about a foot and was told that it wouldn’t hurt anything. I only had my car for 2 months when this happened with less than 500 miles. Unbelievable!!

  25. I have a 2021 Subaru Ascent, garage kept with only 22,500 miles. I went to take the trash out and noticed a crack on the passenger side starting at the side if the windshield going 1/3 the way diagonal up the glass.
    I previously had a 2016 outback with the exact same issue. Subaru replaced that one. This is not right. No Highway driving or stones. Just cold weather and turning on the heat.

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