Allstate Seeks to Keep Safelite Documents Under Wraps

The flurry of motions in preparation for a November trial has continued in insurance giant Allstate’s federal litigation against Auto Glass America and its owner Charles Isaly (AGA).

The most recent back and forth involved Allstate’s filing of a Motion to Prevent the Filing of Confidential and Highly Confidential Documents, Request for Sanctions and Alternative Motion for Leave to File Under Seal with the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida.

The parties to the case had entered into a Confidentiality Agreement in October 2019 under which each side could label certain documents as “Confidential” or “Highly Confidential/Attorney Eyes Only.” Many documents have been filed under this process, but disputes have ensued. Allstate maintains that AGA has falsely accused them of over-designating documents and is trying to circumvent the agreed upon process to have the designated documents made public.

As an example, Allstate is seeking to block AGA from filing documents to support their claim that Safelite Solutions, Allstate’s third-party administrator, steers AGA customers to Safelite Auto Glass. Allstate maintains that there is no admissible evidence to support that claim and the documents that AGA seeks to have entered in the case would not be probative to the claim but would be prejudicial to the insurance company.

Allstate wants the court to block the filing of the documents in question and impose sanctions on AGA for the costs involved in the filing of the motion to prevent filing. Allstate is asking that, if the court finds otherwise and allows the documents to be filed, they should be filed under seal, away from public view.

The documents in question include telephone recordings of calls between AGA and Safelite Solutions, agreements between Allstate and Safelite Solutions, and Allstate’s Glass Claims Express Business Rules and Settlement Agreements between Allstate and other glass companies.

AGA responded to Allstate’s request by stating that “Defendants do not oppose Allstate’s request for the Court to view these materials in camera or even to seal them, even though the materials do not appear to rise to the level of privacy that would warrant denying the public access to them.” AGA said that all they want is for the court to consider the documents when deciding upon Allstate’s underlying motion to preclude the “steering” accusation from being considered at trial.

AGA further argued that sanctions were not warranted because “Allstate opened the door to the Court’s consideration of these materials when it asked the Court to preclude evidence of steering, and its request for sanctions against Defendants because they walked through that door is disingenuous at best”.

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6 Responses to Allstate Seeks to Keep Safelite Documents Under Wraps

  1. It’s common knowledge in the industry Safelite steers to themselves. Take in point other tpas that do not have their own installation outfits do not have the opportunity to steer as aggressively as Safelite. Any TPA that has its own installation outfit steers back to itself.

  2. Dale Williams says:

    It’s truly amazing that Allstate and Safelite would not like us all to see there pricing Agreement!!! What are they hiding?? We all know they are in collusion with each other and the Insurance Industry used Safelite for there Bully!! It is what it is, until the Glass Industry along with the Government gets involved with there Monopoly.

  3. Charles Capien says:

    Well, considering I just spent a hour on the phone arguing with allstate that I did not want Safelite to replace my windshield for the 2nd time in a year due to it just cracking because they used their OEE glass unless they used OEM glass and safelite telling my, with a rep from allstate on the line as well, that the OEM glass is 600.00 out of pocket,for a policy with 100% glass coverage and that Allstate only will use safelite. If I take it elsewhere, I pay and then submit a invoice to allstate for them to review and reimburse me for what they deem reasonable if they reimburse me for any of it and the Allstate rep reminded me over a dozen times that this can all be avoided if I have safelite install the OEE glass.

  4. Charles Capien says:

    Safelite pricing:
    OEE Windshield 260.00 list sold to price 86.00
    OEM Mopar Windshield from safelite 587.00
    OEM Mopar Windshield direct from Mopar 395.00
    This is as of today Dec.5, 2022

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