Auto Glass Techs Take on Western Heat Waves

California Gov. Gavin Newsom declared a state of emergency Thursday, addressing power grid concerns spurred by scorching temperatures that have climbed as high as 118 degrees, according to the National Weather Service. It’s the latest in the heat-wave crisis that threatened more than 40 million Americans across western U.S. states on Thursday. For Nick Khongkeo, auto glass technician at Onsite Autoglass, Riverside, Calif., extreme conditions are part of the gig.

Nick Khongkeo on the job. (photo courtesy of Nick Khongkeo)

“Being an auto glass technician, you always have to be prepared for the unexpected especially with Mother Nature,” Khongkeo said. “I’ve worked in the snow as well as under record-breaking heat. You just have to make it work. Ask the customer to keep the car under shade before you get there or wear long sleeves and gloves to protect your skin from the hot car if you must work under the sun. Drink plenty of water.”

Daniel Jaimes, founder of Supreme Auto Glass, Jurupa Valley, Calif., said his background has prepared him for the heat wave.

“Being born and raised in Southern California, any day over 85 degrees Fahrenheit gives the same feeling as these record temperatures,” Jaimes said. “We prepare ourselves annually by wearing UV-protective sleeves, classic straw hats and using our custom-made E-Z UP to bring in attention from the streets for when we work roadside or on-site.”

SikaTack’s MACH-30 XV has been a go-to for Jaimes during the triple-digit temperatures.

“Sika, with their MACH-30 that we use on all of our installations, lets us work comfortably up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit with a safe drive away time in 30 minutes,” Jaimes said. “Thankfully we do not usually reach the maximum temperature here in Southern California and working with my wife every day, we can shoot the urethane and set in less than four minutes with the client’s vehicle in the shade under our E-Z UP.”

Omar Landin installing auto glass in the California sun. (photo courtesy of Omar Landin)

Omar Landin, auto glass technician at Klear Fix Repair Mobile Auto Glass, Orange, Calif., said he carries light street clothes, his uniform and protective apron at all times to adapt to a variety of conditions. He also carries a timer to adapt to variable flash times during adhesive application.

As the heat wave rages and pushes forward, so do Jaimes and his fellow technicians.

“It is a difficult time working under this extreme heat every year, but as my father would say, ‘We are not made of sugar to melt under the sun or rain,’” Jaimes said. “Those few engraved words help us prevail over every hardship.”


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  1. Working outside in the heat is just a fact of life in southern CA. The customer REALLY isn’t concerned about our well being. We are there to make their problem go away. As conditions change, we have to adapt to get the job done properly. Mobile shade devices (EZ-Ups, clip-on umbrellas) and proper hydration are mandatory some days. Praying for work along the coast – looking at you San Clemente – doesn’t hurt either.

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