Adhesive Manufacturers Talk Adhesive Supply Chain

Last week, glassBYTEs reported that suppliers have begun notifying their customers of anticipated shortages of some adhesives. Courtny Squibb, director of national product sales and distribution at NOVUS Glass, weighed in on SRP’s supply-chain management during COVID-19.

“Given that our urethane manufacturer is in Italy, SRP has been very diligent from the start of the pandemic making sure supply stays consistent,” Squibb said. “Preparing for longer lead times, ship times and raw material shortages were all considered very early in the pandemic. Although our entire product line has been and is affected by the logistics nightmare that we are all dealing with presently, we have kept the flow into our distributors consistent and will continue to do so.”

Last week, Scott Mason, industry business manager, aftermarket – USA and Canada, DuPont, spoke on the ever-evolving supply chain situation.

“DuPont has experienced unprecedented challenges with raw material supply over the past several months,” Mason said. “This has affected the DuPont adhesives product line. The raw material supply situation remains very dynamic, but we are actively managing our raw materials supply chain and global logistics network to find improvements. We intend to continue improving our ability to meet our customers’ needs in this uncertain, and frequently changing, demand environment.”

*With the DowDuPont merger, the company is now known as DuPont. The adhesive materials that were once Dow (BETASEAL line) came to DuPont in the DowDuPont merge and subsequent split.*

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