AGSC Alerts Members of Pertinent Legislation

The Auto Glass Safety Council (AGSC) sent out a ‘legislative alert’ to notify its members of several bills that are under review in Colorado, Massachusetts and Oregon. The organization says the legislation could impact business.


The punishment for certain offenses involving windshields and motor vehicle offenses will be lowered under a bill passed by the Colorado legislature. The legislation follows the 2021 recommendations of the Colorado Criminal and Juvenile Justice Commission and is a massive reform bill related to misdemeanors and petty offenses.

Under the bill, offenses for certain windshield violations, such as obstructing the windshield or wiper blades, are lowered from a misdemeanor to a Class A Traffic infraction. Also, certain offenses by a motor vehicle repair facility or employee such as failing to provide a written estimate are changed from a misdemeanor to a petty offense.

For the text of S 271, click here.


Three bills have been introduced in the Massachusetts legislature which would amend the legal definition of a motor vehicle service contract to include any contract that provides for “the repair of small motor vehicle windshield chips or cracks which may include the replacement of the windshield for chips or cracks that cannot repaired”.

The bills, H 1065, H 1183 and S 657 are under consideration in the Joint Committee on Financial Services. The text of the bills can be found at H 1065, H 1183, and S 657.


An Oregon bill that would have changed the terms “accident” and “collision” to “crash” has died with the adjournment of the Oregon legislative session on June 26. The bill, which had passed a legislative committee, included provisions that requires crash repairers to inform consumers, in writing, if non-OEM parts were used and the effect of use of such parts on warranties.

The bill defined an “aftermarket crash part” as a motor vehicle replacement part, sheet metal or plastic, that constitutes the visible exterior of the vehicle, including an inner or outer panel, is generally repaired or replaced as the result of a crash and is not supplied by the original equipment manufacturer.

For the full text of H 3050, click here.

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