Art or Education: Display Teaches Customers About Corrosion

In March, Danielle Leigh Rollinson attended one week of Auto Glass Academy in Georgia, sponsored by Equalizer Industries. “One of the first vehicles that we worked on was a 2000 Cherokee,” Rollinson says. It belonged to a classmate, and, when the windshield was removed, the class found corrosion.

The situation gave Rollinson an idea.

“That would be kind of neat to educate my customers about,” she says.

Danielle Leigh Rollinson is an auto glass technician and CFO of Superior Auto Glass of Tampa Bay Inc., a company owned by her mother, Linda Rollinson, in Florida.
Danielle, her mother, her sister and brother-in-law have run Superior Auto Glass together since 2007.

A closer look at Rollinson’s collection. (Photo courtesy of Danielle Leigh Rollinson)

“We’re family-owned and operated,” Danielle Rollinson says.

So, after the class ended, Rollinson began collecting samples of urethane whenever an opportunity with a customer was presented and collected them in a display, which she completed on July 12.

“It’s actually just a shadow box,” Danielle Leigh Rollinson says of her educational tool.

Eight samples are in the shadow box.

Rollinson says her company sees a lot of customer vehicles with corrosion when the windshield is removed. The shadow box shows customers the importance of priming the area of corrosion.

“If not, this can be the result,” Rollinson says of the samples in the shadow box.

“Just to educate my customers on the importance of priming of the windshield, and what happens with paint delamination [also known as clear coat failure],” Rollinson says.

Rollinson says that if the customer’s vehicle is affected, they show the customer the problem on their vehicle “before we repair it.”

Otherwise, if the conversation comes up with other customers, she shows them the shadow box.

“I have it up in the office all the time,” Rollinson says of the box, which is about six inches long and the width of two sheets of paper.

“I plan on making more because I have more shadow boxes at home,” she says.
Rollinson says she might make a shadow box of tempered and windshield glass to show customers the difference between tempered and laminated glass.

“My end result is to have an educational wall,” Rollinson says.

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4 Responses to Art or Education: Display Teaches Customers About Corrosion

  1. Jerry says:

    Priming the windshield stops corrosion? Too funny. I didn’t realize glass corrodes.

    • Gary says:

      Pretty sure we all prime a windshield, but clearly the article speaks about corrosion not from a windshield, but the vehicle itself from lack of primer.

  2. David A DeWalt says:

    You’ve learned wisely Grasshopper…

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