Industry Mourns Untimely Deaths

This week started on a sad note for the AGRR industry. Just this morning brought the passing of long-time industry expert Frank Levesque.

Levesque, 72, retired in June 2015 after more than five decades in the industry, most recently serving as director of product development and technical services at Glass Doctor University.

When Levesque retired in 2015, fishing was on the agenda. (Photo courtesy of Frank Levesque)

Tommy Patterson, director of technical services at Glass Doctor, says when he received the call Monday morning that Levesque had passed “I was devastated.”

“I can’t even begin to explain the void. I can’t put it into words,” Patterson says of losing his friend of 40 years.

Patterson and Levesque worked together in the 1980s at Portland Glass, in the early 2000s at Pilkington and most recently at Glass Doctor. “So Frank and I worked together quite a bit throughout our lives. Frank was one of my closest friends,” Patterson says.

So close that Patterson got married in Levesque’s living room.

Patterson says that Levesque called him a week ago. “He was looking forward to going home actually,” Patterson says. However, Levesque’s wife, Crystal, called Patterson Sunday morning to say her husband had taken “a turn for the worst.”

“[Frank] told me he hadn’t been that sick in his entire life,” Patterson says of the illness. Levesque was healthy before this illness, and “none of us expected this.”

“Probably the closest thing I’ve had to a brother my entire life. I will miss him greatly,” Patterson says.

In recognition of his retirement in 2015, Levesque spoke with glassBYTES and predicted a change coming in the auto glass industry.

“Once we put a windshield in the vehicle, often the vehicle needs to go back to the dealership to be recalibrated. One day, the glass industry will have a device so we can make the recalibrations before giving the vehicle back to the customer,” Levesque said in 2015.

In his 51 years in the industry, he worked for Soule Glass, Demers Plate Glass, Portland Glass, Equalizer, Fein Power Tools, Pilkington and Glass Doctor.

He began in the industry at age 15 when his neighbor, a sales manager for a glass company, asked him why he didn’t get a job.

Levesque said he told the neighbor: “Why don’t you give me one?” He worked summers starting in 1964, and rode to work with his neighbor because he did not have a driver’s license yet. Levesque told in 2015 that he cleaned toilets, washed floors and learned the trade. Mobile work was far in the future. Windshields were installed about twice a day. Cardboard patterns were used to cut out windshields and sidelites.

He spent his career to devoted to training and safety.

Upon retirement, Levesque told that he was looking forward to a quiet life of fishing. “I live to fish. I have a sign that says I was born to fish and forced to work. I’m not planning anything else, we’ll just see what comes up.”

Levesque is survived by his wife of more than 20 years, Crystal.

GlassBYTES also regrets having to share the news of the sudden passing of Brenda Boehmer, wife of Dan Boehmer, president of Rolladeck Industries Inc. She passed away in her sleep on August 20.

At press time, funeral arrangements had not been announced for either of the deceased.
To read more about Frank Levesque, click here.

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7 Responses to Industry Mourns Untimely Deaths

  1. David DeWalt says:

    Frank was the real deal, they don’t make them like him anymore. He smile will be sorely missed.

  2. Mark Liston, Retired President of Glass Doctor says:

    Frank did some many things for Glass Doctor when I was President, including recommending that we hire his good friend, Tommy Patterson, when he was about to retire.

    I enjoyed working with him, learned so many things from him and met so many wonderful people at GlassBYTEs and the attendees at Auto Glass Week.

    He was very much appreciated and will be missed.

  3. Mark Daniels says:

    Frank made a difference in the glass industry. He was a teacher, mentor, and by far a showman. He knew his stuff and presented it well. You are missed.

  4. Don Ford says:

    Tom thank you for your tribute of Frank. Frank was one someone i could trust as a teacher.

  5. TRH says:

    Frank was “THE Guy” when it came to Auto Glass Knowledge. He will be missed by everyone who knew him……

  6. Larry Patterson says:

    Frank Levesque was a true gem. Knowledgeable. Helpful. Funny. Authentic. If you ever heard a joke or “frankism” from him, you probably will never forget it. Via con Dios my friend!

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