Safelite Acquires

Safelite Group, which operates Safelite AutoGlass and Safelite Solutions, issued an email notification that it has acquired and as part of its purchase of Honex Interactive Industries., headquartered in Walla Walla, Wash., operates Mondays through Fridays providing auto glass repair and replacement, according to its website, and was a subsidiary of Honex Interactive Industries LLC. The company was founded in 2006, and “provides an innovative and efficient way to bring customers and auto glass installers together.”

According to the email, Safelite “will continue to operate and enhance these sites in order to continue to provide honest and straightforward service to auto glass businesses across the country.” Safelite also plans to grow the coverage areas of both sites “to drive more high quality auto glass jobs to the entire provider network.” Safelite’s business philosophy is “well aligned” with Honex, and Safelite plans “to build upon the solid foundation that Honex built over the last eight years.”

A shop owner in Texas, who received the email on Sept. 23, says: “I just find it disturbing that Safelite Group was able to buy a platform that allows them access to competitor pricing.”

Safelite confirmed Friday that the company acquired Honex.

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4 Responses to Safelite Acquires

  1. Scott Harkey says:

    Yes it is disturbing that the Evil Empire was able to buy a platform that allows them access to competitor pricing. But how many glass shops have showed this foreign-owned giant their cost as a condition of insurance claim approval through the years? Imagine the database of competitor pricing that they ALREADY have accumulated, and continue to accumulate daily. They try to say that their glass claim administrative group is separate from their retail operation. Yea right.

  2. Any idea of the price they paid? Do this mean that safelite is now using the smaller independent companies that was a part of

  3. Jim says:

    Well word on the street is Safelite has bought Henderson glass of Michigan an with that purchase came Great Lakes Glass claims service. Looks like Safelite has taken over another mom an pop an will destroy the fit of those employees as well as the path of destruction they usually cause.

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