Windshields Are About to Change Significantly

Eastman announced Thursday the launch of the Saflex® Horizon LVID PVB, the next generation of head-up displays (HUD).

According to the company’s announcement, Saflex will provide “a more immersive and safer driving experience” with a wedge HUD interlayer for automotive laminated glass. Saflex’s enhanced sheet optics reduce localized and dynamic ghosting for larger field-of-view and augmented reality HUD systems.

“With Saflex Horizon LVID, automotive OEMs can establish a new standard of image quality at longer virtual image distances (LVID) to create unique user experiences while enhancing road safety,” says Dr. Hemant Dandekar, global commercial director, in the announcement.

New generation HUD systems will provide drivers with more information by enlarging the field-of-view from 2 to 3 meters to 4 to 7.5 meters. Augmented reality enables the human eye to distinguish the distance an image is projected and provides vital real-time information for drivers, including advanced driver assistance system alerts and route guidance.

Eastman’s announcement states that the PVB interlayer “is a key element of the full optical system. A solution like Saflex Horizon LVID makes it work better by improving the optical performance.”

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