Companies Still Searching for Calibration Solutions and Information

The search is still on for calibration solutions according to exhibitors at last week’s Special Equipment Market Association (SEMA) and aftermarket event AAPEX, both held in Las Vegas. And companies continue to unveil new products to help with growing demand.

LaunchTech unveiled this solution for calibrations on heavy-duty semi-trucks at AAPEX. It is one of three prototypes in the world.

At AAPEX, a brand new product was on display that helps companies who work on heavy-duty semi-trucks, according to Jacques Navant, whose company Calibration Station in Modesto, Calif., serves as a testing facility for LaunchTech USA. Navant was at the LaunchTech booth talking to everyone from auto glass to collision and body shops about the new solution, one of three prototypes in the world.

“Our goal is to help get all these trucks back on the road,” said Navant, pointing to the issue of supply chain challenges across the nation. “With this product, we can now do static calibrations, which is a huge deal.

Even better, the whole thing collapses down to the size of a picnic table.

“Usually, you have to move the stand three times but the measurements with this are pre-set at the base, so you don’t have to line up the wheels every time,” he added. “It’s a game-changer for glass technicians who work on semi-trucks.”

Other equipment providers were also doing double-duty at SEMA/AAPEX, including Autel. At AAPEX, company representative Sue Ratkewicz said there is a lot of interest in calibration from all groups—auto glass and collision repair.

Over at SEMA, asTech’s Lesly Sparkes, global marketing, pointed out that the company has rebranded as Repairify but is still doing business as asTech. “We can help a shop identify if a calibration has to be done and what kind,” she said.

Autel exhibited at SEMA and AAPEX, showing off its calibration solutions.

It all comes down to shops asking the right questions and equipment suppliers offering valuable information to help them run their shops.

“Today, what we are getting is the right questions,” said Steve Casella, vice president of client technical services at AirPro Diagnostics. “People are starting to understand the importance of ADAS and are trying to wrap their head around the process of calibrations.”

The company showcased Auggie at SEMA and announced that the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) has approved Auggie for patent protection.

The product is a solution for performing forward-facing camera ADAS calibrations. It is completely mobile, does not require sophisticated measuring or a highly skilled technician at the shop, and eliminates traditional calibration space and lighting requirements, the company said in a press release.

The shows may have seen some lighter traffic than in recent years due to COVID, but it was quality over quantity, according to exhibitors.

“We are getting quality people, and we are getting quality time with them,” said Casella.

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