California Court to Judge Honda Sunroof Class Action Case

A class action lawsuit against Honda alleges a manufacturing defect in sunroofs and moonroofs of the 2015 to 2020 Honda and Acura vehicles.

Mary Tappana of Webb City, Mo., Darryl Roberts of Tacoma, Wash., and Dustin Fulcomer of Riverview, Fla., filed against American Honda Motor Co. Inc. on Nov. 18 alleging sunroofs and moonroofs in their vehicles “are prone to suddenly explode,” court documents state. The case will be judged in the central district of California where American Honda is headquartered.

Sometime around October 16, 2021, court documents state, with approximately 14,600 miles on the odometer, Tappana was driving her 2021 Honda Pilot when she heard “a loud booming sound and quickly realized that the sunroof on her vehicle had spontaneously exploded.” The explosion distracted Tappana, the lawsuit alleges, putting her and others on the road at risk. While still under warranty, Honda would not cover the $579 cost to replace the sunroof.

At approximately 69,000 miles, around Oct. 27, 2021, Roberts was driving his 2017 Honda Accord when he heard “a loud exploding sound.” The explosion of Roberts’ sunroof also distracted him from driving “and exposed him to the risk of a collision.” Honda refused to pay the $579 for a replacement sunroof.

On or about Dec. 10, 2020, with approximately 300 miles on the odometer of his 2019 Acura TLX, Fulcomer was driving when his sunroof exploded, distracted him from driving and exposed him to the risk of a collision. Under a three-year warranty, Maus Honda dealership refused to pay $1,300 to replace the sunroof.

“The Sunroof Defect creates serious danger for Vehicle occupants and others on the road. Drivers of Class Vehicles have reported sunroof explosions causing shards of glass to fly through their vehicles, sometimes while driving at high speeds. The loud explosion and flying glass distract drivers and create a hazard to the people in the Class Vehicles and those around them,” the lawsuit alleges.

The lawsuit further alleges that Honda has refused to remedy the defect and related damage. “Honda’s representatives often have suggested to consumers that their sunroofs were damaged by a flying object such as a rock or gravel,” court documents state. However, the defect occurs even when the glass is not exposed to an airborne object.

“Honda’s use of thin, tempered glass to manufacture Sunroofs is substandard, dangerous, and inadequate because of the heightened risk of explosion from this material. Contaminants, such as nickel sulphide, within tempered glass render it vulnerable to shattering. Nickel sulphide crystals can change shape or size over time due to factors like changes in temperature. The unstable nickel sulphide deposit embedded within the glass stresses the panel and can eventually cause an explosion,” court documents state.

Documents also state Honda has been aware of the sunroof defect since 1995 when complaints began to be filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

One hundred or more class members have been identified as affected by the defect.

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9 Responses to California Court to Judge Honda Sunroof Class Action Case

  1. Amy Free says:

    My Honda 2019 CRV sunroof self-destructed in an explosion April 15, 2022 while traveling 55mph on a county highway in northwest Wisconsin. Glass pieces flew into the cabin. I have approximately 15,500 miles on the vehicle

  2. Baxter Hickey says:

    I’m from Alberta, Canada and has this exact same thing happen to me on my 2019 CR-V EX-L on Sunday May 8, 2022. My wife and I were driving on the highway and there were no other cars on the road when all of a sudden, we heard this loud bang that sounded like a gun shot going off. Glass rained down on our heads and the roads were wet, so it was extremely dangerous. Luckily, we didn’t crash and we were able to get home safely. We brought the car into the Honda dealership that we were able to get the sunroof replaced under warranty. If you need anything or any other information from me, feel free to reach out because this cannot continue to happen

    • Erica L Walton says:

      This exact thing happened to me in my 2019 EX-L today, but fortunately, my visor was closed and no glass fell on us. The dealer told me glass was not covered under warranty, but they’re in touch with American Honda to see if there’s anything they can do to help. But the estimate for the repair is $650 (USD). I don’t have high hopes for Honda covering the repair.

    • max lane says:

      Thank you for Posting. This happened to me yesterday January 1st in my 2018 Acura RDX. My car is 4.5 years old and warranty is done. I bet they wont replace.

      Any advice on how you were successful would be appreciated. I am in Alberta too.

  3. Erica L Walton says:

    This just happened to my 2019 CRV today, May 24, 2022. It’s at the dealership now, waiting to hear their assessment of the situation.

  4. Robin says:

    2018 accord less the 50k miles and my moonroof exploded today! My vehicle also has some unexplained humming that occurs sometimes so disappointed in this honda.

  5. Heather says:

    This just happened to my teenage daughters on their way to school this morning in our 2017 Honda Accord EX-L. We purchased used, about a month ago and I was thinking what terrible luck… Dang! Glad there wasn’t a bigger accident due to the scare my girls got when this thing exploded!

  6. Kathleen Smith says:

    Honda 2020 CRV sunroof shattered while driving. 22,000 miles. April 14,2023. Loud explosion

  7. Mercedes says:

    Mercedes Moorehead. Only after 6 months of purchasing a 2022 Honda CRV, and 1300 miles presently on my vehicle , while driving on the highway I heard a loud noise. I pulled off the highway and saw that my sunroof had imploded. Still waiting for the dealership to decide if it’s warranted or if I have to pay for the replacement. First time buying a car with a sunroof, and with a big regret.

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