AGSC Committees, Board Meet, ADAS at Forefront

The board of directors of the Auto Glass Safety Council, along with its committees, met last week for its winter meetings. Among the committees meeting were the Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standard (AGRSS) and Repair of Laminated Auto Glass 2 (ROLAGS2) as well as the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) committee, which was celebrating a milestone.

“We got some pretty serious ADAS verbiage put in the standard,” ADAS committee chair Jacques Navant says.

AGRSS Standards Committee chairperson Bob Beranek says the next iteration of the standard, 005-2022, will be complete this year. Most new information in the new current standard, Beranek says, is ADAS-related. “I think we did a good job,” Beranek says.

“Just remember our standard is a living document, which is always being reviewed,” Beranek says. A living document can be adjusted and added to at any time by AGSC, and input taken into consideration.

The ADAS Committee also discussed the tools used in recalibration. “The aftermarket tools are very popular, they’re obtainable,” Navant said. Beranek said customers must be informed when they have a windshield replaced that calibration is also necessary.

Education is AGSC’s “moral responsibility to provide,” Navant says. Education of customer service representatives is also important.

The committee also discussed consideration of an AGSC checklist for calibration requirements. “I think if you’re in the industry — you already know what the requirements are,” Committee member Mitch Becker of Protech Auto Solutions says.

Committee member Jon Laski with City Auto Glass liked the idea of a checklist for calibration requirements, another living document that could be updated as requirements evolve and change. Becker adds that requirements sometimes vary on the East Coast and West Coast of the U.S.

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