Cyber Pain: Mygrant Glass Website Down

As if the supply shortages in the auto glass industry weren’t challenging enough, in the last week officials at some auto glass shops that do business with Mygrant Glass have noticed the glass company’s online absence.

“We’re going through some challenges. We’ve got a great team and we’re going to get through,” says Paul Anaya, Mygrant’s vice president of sales and marketing. “We’re aware of everything.” Anaya said that the company was issuing a statement. As of press time, glassBYTEs had not yet received it.
Dan Kril opened ProSto Auto Glass in Voorhees Township, New Jersey in 2015. He says Mygrant is a great company to buy glass from. “We kind of miss them,” he says. Kril noticed something was wrong with Mygrant’s website last Thursday. He called that day to order product over the phone. “They weren’t able to access anything in their warehouse.”

Kril says he thought Mygrant would go back to manual orders and have customers call in, but apparently the company has not done so. “Honestly, out of all of the suppliers, they usually have themselves together,” Kril says. He adds that occasionally Mygrant’s website will be down but the company usually gets it back up quickly.

“Mygrant is very, very good at keeping odd things in stock,” Kril says of how his business has been affected in the past week. He had a costumer who needed a windshield for a 2006 Audi F-4 convertible, but Mygrant was not able to help him this time. “It’s very slim pickings  … and  slim pickings means that shops will pay whatever they have to to get what customers need. “Right now, I just think that everybody is like you can take it or leave it,” Kril says.

“It’s been an extremely tough week,” says Terry Morici, owner of Good Guys Glass in Destrehan, La., located about 18 miles west of New Orleans. Morici says he noticed around the evening of January 19th that the Mygrant website was down. He usually orders online and Mygrant delivers to his shop twice a day from a warehouse about 25 minutes away. But, in the last week, Mygrant could not deliver to his shop, and Morici says, he could not order because he could not look up what was available.

Morici says his shop is the only physical auto glass shop in his area. “We already have parts shortages. I’m the only one here at my location,” he says. He lost his only employee a month ago.

Morici says his orders are usually 50/50 between Mygrant and Pilkington. “So, between the two, we’re normally able to get something.” Mygrant has all Ford parts now and usually delivers to dealerships, but has been unable to do so in the past week, so Morici could not even get Ford parts from a Ford dealership. “If Pilkington doesn’t have it, I’m not able to source my other vendor.”

Morici has been keeping customer contact information so when Mygrant is back up and running, he can order parts and call the customer back. “They’ve been a great company,” Morici says of Mygrant. “Glad they opened [a year ago near his shop]. It gave us another source for glass.”

Note; This story will be updated as more information becomes available.

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17 Responses to Cyber Pain: Mygrant Glass Website Down

  1. X Small Franchise Owner says:

    Seems fishy. Worried this will be the end of our family run shop, haven’t worked in a week and rents nearly due. There’s really no other providers where we’re located. Looks like safelite is gonna win in the end. Sad times for our industry, mom and pops are being annihilated and nobody is even batting an eye, they just keep blindly going along with them.

  2. The ripple effect of this is being felt hard , as shops scramble to buy from other already strained distributors. This is absolutely worse than when Dow had the flood causing so many to buy sika glue

  3. Michael Klan says:

    So much mystery surrounding this shut down. Why the shroud of secrecy is my question? Things happen, but there has been zero transparency from anyone at Mygrant.

    • Owen G says:

      Completely agree! We cant even be told if our CC info has been compromised.

      • Industry Insider says:

        Of course they are saying that they don’t know. I am calling BS everyone that has a CC on file should be on alert! How can they even say that with a straight face

  4. Michael Klan says:

    Mygrant shuts down, and not so much as a peep? Something doesn’t add up here. Why the shroud of mystery?

  5. Sean Duquette says:

    Plot twist. Safelite buys Mygrant and shuts it down to further it’s monopoly attempt in the auto glass replacement industry by putting all of the little guys out of business.

  6. Tim Spencer says:

    Let’s go larry

  7. ATI KOVI says:

    So is this a server problem, computer bug, ransomeware? Technically their website is up but has no functionality.

  8. Glass Worker 06 says:

    I have been told that the entire server just disappeared and that it had to be rebuilt from the ground up. I am no IT person but I do have to wonder why there seems to be no back-up in place. I would think that this size of an operation would have a back-up not connected to the main program for instances such as this. This has been a challenge for us as well. Our location only gets night deliveries and Mygrant is the only one to deliver directly to us. LOF/Pilkington delivers to our other locations and we have to pick them up but they are so overwhelmed that I have had orders cancelled or delayed that are usually same day. Sadly, people seem to be accustomed to delays now in other areas and they aren’t too bothered.

    • Scottie MT says:

      The reason it is a total disaster is because the company that handles all the IT stuff is a family member. Apparently this family member has an IT company that does IT for other companies as well. No reason there is not capable backup options in this day and age. As a previous IT person myself you can always roll back computer changes if a problem arises. They obviously did not follow basic computer protocols. These people are losing multi millions because a family member has no clue.

  9. Source says:

    They were hit with ransomware. Rebuilding website from ground up.

  10. Daniel says:

    Safelite is a destructive force in our industry. Its just like a mafia take over. Awful for all the small shops out there ours included. Dam shame.

  11. Doug Campbell says:

    Been in the industry for 37 years. We are in this mess in part because of the insurance industry. Safelite. And the cut throat mentality of the industry. No wonder. Not enough suppliers out there. It’s a free for all the insurance industry and safelite take advantage of.

  12. Mark says:

    Like you said all the mom and pops are in jeopardy between cc is probably out there now and ready to put me out of business after 28 years and mygrant not really doing anything to help us and didn’t let us know about attack we had to find out on our own

  13. Mark says:

    What do I do now it affects my hole family and life need help will mygrant help I hope so after being committed to them for 25 years please help

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