Mygrant Targeted in Cybersecurity Breach

The official word from Mygrant Glass about its website troubles this week is that the company’s inventory and ordering systems were hacked. The good news is the company expects to be ready for web orders on Monday, January 31. At press time, the website was back online as well.

“We were targeted in a cybersecurity breach focused on disabling our inventory and ordering systems this week,” says Paul Anaya, Mygrant’s vice president of sales and marketing. The company’s concern now is restoring its ability to take orders. “We have enlisted the best experts to help us get back to full capacity as quickly as possible and feel confident that will happen in the coming days.” In the meantime, “the whole Mygrant Glass team is working hard to fill orders manually to continue supporting our customers.”

Mygrant will take this weekend “to realign our inventories and computer systems.” Anaya says customers are encouraged to continue to place orders via phone or email. “Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for bearing with us through this extremely difficult challenge.”

Anaya says the company is speaking with appropriate law enforcement about the incident. “We do not believe any personal information of our customers or employees was compromised,” he says.

Cybercrimes like this are becoming more common in today’s digital world. reported in December about a cyberattack on a California auto glass company.

“We urge everyone in our industry – from customers to competitors – to consult with technical experts, and review law enforcement resources published by The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), to determine if there’s anything more you can do to protect your business,” Anaya says.

Anaya says he is confident that Mygrant’s IT department was prepared in the event of a cybercrime. He adds the company has an amazing team and amazing leadership in CEO Lisa Mygrant. “We are going to be better because of this,” Anaya says. Mygrant is excited to get past the situation.

“We have some amazing employees at Mygrant Glass,” Anaya says. The company also has amazing customers who have shown support in recent days. “It’s really humbling to us.”

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7 Responses to Mygrant Targeted in Cybersecurity Breach

  1. Mark Daniels says:

    So happy to know Mygrant Glass is coming out from this. Congratulations to IT and all involved. It really is a short period of time.

  2. Tony Bethune says:

    Sorry this happen to your company I know this cost for this was astronomical I hope you recover quickly from this God bless

  3. Danielle says:

    I hope they get this fixed soon. I’ve been told every day for the last week that it’ll be back up later that day or the next morning.

  4. Michelle Lewis says:

    I am not seeing that the website is back online. It times out for me trying to get to the sign in.

  5. GoGoGlass says:

    While Mygrant is stating that they don’t believe that customer information was compromised, I would STRONGLY recommend to any customer that they assume that their information was compromised by the attacker AND assume that such information will be used by these or other attackers to target you.

    While we shouldn’t blame the victim (Mygrant), I do wonder what precautions were taken to prevent or detect and respond to an attack like this. How did the attacker gain access to their systems? Was this really a targeted attack?

  6. Owen G says:

    Jan 31st came and went….still no site.

  7. Bob Dole says:

    I do not so easily believe there ever was a cyber attack. I would imagine the whole reason for a cyber attack such as this would be for information theft. If no personal information was stolen, as Mygrants Anaya directly says… Then maybe to hold systems at ransom? But even if that were the case, there would be some sort of contact with whoever wanted the money.

    I’m not doubting that there was a crash. Mercedes-Benz took on Mygrant to take care of glass orders in early January. I was told linking our ordering systems to theirs made the system crash. We do receive hand written invoices from them when we finally do receive anything from them.. Getting anything, including an ETA is a headache & ultimately, It is the vehicle owner who is effected.

    My view, somebody is either crying wolf to save face or withholding info to do the same.

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