Volvo Issues New Position Statement on Windshield Replacement

Volvo Car USA LLC has issued a statement that all windshield replacements on Volvo vehicles must be performed “according to Volvo standards at an authorized facility, using only Volvo Genuine Windshields and adhesives.”

“The Volvo windshield is an integral part of our vehicles. Not only does it provide an undistorted view, it serves as a critical structure component on the vehicle,” the company states.

The many variants in aftermarket windshields cannot be verified by Volvo as being manufactured to exact Volvo specifications. When replacement is necessary, Volvo’s company statement says only Volvo Genuine Windshield and installation materials are to be used “so as not to compromise any structural integrity, nor any Volvo safety systems that are dependent on the windshield, such as optical, distance and radar-based systems.” If installed by a Volvo facility, Volvo can ensure recalibration is performed.

“In addition, using Volvo-specified adhesives will ensure proper bonding of the windshield to the vehicle’s body providing the same strength qualities as if assembled at the factory, providing a minimal safe drive-away time once installed.”

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3 Responses to Volvo Issues New Position Statement on Windshield Replacement

  1. Barbara Day says:

    This sounds like a marketing strategy. A quality replacement shop is going to use properly matched installation materials and set as well as recalibrating

    • ALL AUTOMOTIVE GLASS HAS TO BE CERTIFIED BY THE DOT. ITS NOT LIKE ITS NOT STRUCTUALLY CERTIFIED, OEMs need to be more careful with these scare tactic position statements as that would be like an OEM saying we only allow one brand of tire. Also the they only allow Volvo Adhesive….wonder who makes it and its not them. I remember OEMs stating years and years ago that you can use OEM sealant or the Equivalent by DOW or whomever as that is the same not OE labeled. FTC needs to go after the OEMs to state we understand that you cant warranty or guarantee an aftermarket part. What really burns me the most about OEs they pretend to the public that they produce/manufacture their own parts. I mean we all know of OEM parts that are etched out. Just another way for the dealers to scare the consumers. I for years have advocated for the Moss-Magnuson Act to be more prevalent in the AGRR industry. In short it states an OE cannot void warranty on an entire vehicle due to aftermarket parts they can only not warranty the said aftermarket part unless they can prove that the aftermarket part caused an oem failure. Example is a new tire on a rim and said rim corrodes during warranty with no external damage. Next time an OEM refuses to calibrate an aftermarket glass speak with the service manager and let them know MOSS-Magnuson Act,

  2. Fawn Zion says:

    LOL OK, just another kick to the curb for mom and pop shops. I mean we literally do the work for the dealerships, they don’t do it themselves. We make less money because they demand it so that they collect a kickback. Smh I used to love this industry, Im now watching it die.

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