Arizona Senate Passes Auto Glass Bill with $2,500 Penalty Per Violation

The Arizona Senate unanimously passed SB 1410 as introduced by State Commerce Committee Chair J.D. Mesnard.

SB 1410 specifies requirements for an auto glass repair or replacement facility that conducts glass repair, replacement or recalibration on a vehicle that is equipped with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).

If the bill passes, it will require that auto glass repair or replacement facilities inform customers before the repair or replacement if a recalibration is necessary and if the service will be performed.If a recalibration is performed, it must meet or exceed vehicle manufacturer specifications; the customer must be provided with an itemized description of work to be completed on the vehicle; and auto glass companies are not limited to vehicle glass, tooling, equipment or repair procedures dictated or recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.

A representative for Safelite testified in support of the bill, which was substantially amended on the Senate floor prior to passage.

An amendment of the bill was introduced raising the penalty fee for violation from $500 to $2,500.

Amendments also include requiring auto glass companies to inform customers that calibration is necessary and provide an itemized description of expected work to be completed. Auto glass companies must not represent to customers that insurance will pay the entire amount unless services are fully covered by the customer’s insurance policy. The recalibration must also meet or exceed manufacturer’s specifications.

The bill’s language includes a requirement of auto glass repair or replacement facilities to provide electronically or in writing if a recalibration was not performed or completed successfully, and if the vehicle should be taken to a dealership for recalibration.

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2 Responses to Arizona Senate Passes Auto Glass Bill with $2,500 Penalty Per Violation

  1. Oliver says:

    Finally! We need to be compliant and we need it to be in forced by law if installers violate the correct installation methods put out by the manufacture

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