Right to Repair Legislation Introduced

Legislation has been introduced in Washington, D.C. to protect the rights of consumers and small businesses to repair vehicles “to make the same tools, parts, and documentation available to owners and independent repair providers.” The legislation would cover a variety of industries besides motor vehicles, including medical equipment, consumer electronics, and agricultural equipment. If passed, car manufacturers would have greater difficulty keeping repair codes and other information proprietary. It would allow more companies the ability —the “right to repair” as the legislation is named—to access information they need to repair cars.

The statement says this legislation will increase access to repair and greatly reduce waste, reliance on foreign-manufactured chips and empower small businesses to repair their equipment. Right-to-repair legislation is “overwhelmingly supported” by Democrats, Republicans, and Independents across the U.S. and organizations such as the Repair Association, iFixit, and Consumer Reports.

“Whether you own a smartphone or a tractor, this legislation will help all consumers,”Luján says in the statement. “When owners can’t get their devices and equipment affordably repaired and serviced, consumers, farmers, and small-business owners pay the price. Too many manufacturers have made it nearly impossible for consumers to service their own equipment or seek independent repairs.”

“It’s common-sense: When something breaks you fix it,” Nathan Proctor, U.S. Public Interest Research Group senior campaign director, says in the statement. “But when only the manufacturer or their authorized shop can fix your device, they can charge as much as they want and force you into buying an upgrade. It’s time to remove manufacturer-imposed barriers to repair and get back to fixing things like we’ve always done. We are proud to support this bipartisan, pro-environment, pro-consumer and pro-small business bill.”

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  1. Dave Clark says:

    The biggest question is whether the big manufacturer lobbyists will let this go anywhere. This is a huge deal for our industry with ADAS calibration software and other proprietary information.

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