Safelite Solutions Assumes Management of Plymouth Rock and Pilgrim

Effective March 1, Safelite Solutions will manage the glass programs of Plymouth Rock and Pilgrim, formerly managed by LYNX. In an email to LYNX service participants, LYNX states that the company will retain connectivity during the transition to maintain coverage and process of invoices and payments. Participants are encouraged to continue to call LYNX for jobs earned through policyholder choice or agent referral. Participants who have received work assignments from Plymouth Rock or Pilgrim through Safelite Solutions, must conclude transaction of the assignment through Safelite Solutions.

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3 Responses to Safelite Solutions Assumes Management of Plymouth Rock and Pilgrim

  1. Monopolizing the industry with using the TPA side to be a loss leader and doing it cheaper than the other TPAs. If I had a call center and my own glass company of course I would want to route as many jobs to my company as possible. When they pulled their wholesale glass division stating that it wasn’t financially feasible it was a farce and lie, I don’t know how many times an OEM part would have been on backorder due to them hoarding it out but low and behold they would have it in stock and for 10-15% higher than my wholesale cost from the dealership. We as an industry need to get the FTC involved but because they are the Walmart of glass they can do as they want with no consequences. Even if a large wholesaler were to develop a TPA whilst staying out of installations I believe that would be more fair then the pretend to be the insurance company TPA, Installation, and own Wholesaler. TPAs should not have an interest in doing installations, they are there to be THIRD-PARTY-ADMINSTRATORS not Mr.Monopoly, sell the glass,sell the invoicing and managment,sell the installation.

  2. Pugs says:

    It’s just unbelievable they keep getting more and more insurance company’s I agree with you should be completely illegal that they can handle the claim and just hand it to themselves

    • Keep as much of the $ in house. Its just highly unethical that they are allowed to get paid for the Administration side and installation and wholesale side. I understand it is business but they need to play fair not the corrupt game they are presently play

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