All About that Glass: BMW Reveals 7 Series with Advanced Technology

BMW’s 2023 7 Series goes on sale in the fourth quarter of 2022, but here’s a peek at the glass technology available at a starting price of $94,295.

Not only is BMW announcing the 7 Series’ availability in fully electric, but the vehicle comes with the latest version of iDrive 8.0 on the curved glass display, a 12.3.-inch instrument display and 14.9-inch central touchscreen.

If you need some bling, the vehicle’s upper units hold daytime running lights, and Swarovski crystals are an option in their design.

Parking will be even more accessible with the seventh generation of the 2023 BMW, thanks to the latest Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) cameras and ultrasonic and radar sensors. Did we mention the new software stack, computing platform and 5G connection to BMW Cloud? For the first time, eight-megapixel cameras with Mobileye technology are fitted for the 7 Series.

After purchasing the 7 Series, consumers can take control by adding functions via Remote Software Upgrades.

While the driver can override all ADAS functions, BMW’s 7 Series seeks collaboration between the driver and the car to provide the safest travel possible. The Augmented View function on the information display is directly in the driver’s line of sight. One button on the steering wheel allows the driver to use cruise control and steering and lane control assistance when activated. The vehicle’s Assisted View gives the driver an overview of systems and a three-dimensional view of the vehicle and its surroundings.

The vehicle provides a warning system against front-end collisions, including with pedestrians and cyclists who are parallel to the road the vehicle is moving on, as well as when pedestrians and cyclists approach the vehicle. The vehicle’s Safe Exit function allows a parked vehicle to warn vehicle occupants of approaching hazards such as pedestrians and cyclists when opening doors.

BMW’s 7 Series features the new Highway Assistant, which is part of the optional package and allows for safe travel over long distances at up to 80 mph. Drivers are encouraged to maintain focus on the road and be prepared to retake control of the wheel.

As reported by, other technology includes a theater screen that folds down at any time while the car is in motion. A rear sunshade is placed in position when the theater screen is used to prevent the distraction of other vehicle drivers, as a BMW spokesperson told

The BMW 7 Series’ standard glass roof features embedded LED lighting, which changes depending on the vehicle’s drive mode.

If that’s not enough technology for you, the vehicle includes automatic opening and closing doors, according to, an improved digital assistant with spoken words on the screen, an interior camera to take selfies, and, last but not least, passengers in the back seat can use the vehicle’s audio system to take phone calls.

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