Mercedes Recalls More Than 126,000 Vehicles for Software Glitch

The function of the rearview camera in 126,443 Mercedes Benz passenger vehicles requires a recall.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s recall report, the rearview image may not display in the central display when the vehicle is in reverse, but display a black screen or the existing image. If a rearview camera image is unavailable within 2 seconds of the vehicle going into reverse, rear visibility is impaired and the risk of a crash might increase.

The software glitch, NHTSA’s report says, was discovered in Mercedes Benz vans in November 2018, and the affected parts retrieved and sent to the supplier for analysis. The supplier began development of “a more robust software version,” which was available in passenger vehicles produced after October 2019. The report says that Mercedes Benz operations were restricted in much of 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic, however, isolated cases of vehicles having the software glitch were found. Ongoing investigation in spring 2021 revealed that passenger vehicles with the new software might be affected by the defect. In the early months of 2022, detailed evaluations determined the impact of the defect.

The recall report says that a change in the supplier’s software ensures the defect will not happen in vehicles produced after May 26, 2021.

Mercedes Benz dealers will update the software free of charge to vehicle owners. Notification to dealers will be sent April 15, 2022 and letters to vehicle owners will be sent June 7, 2022. The NHTSA recall number is 22V-232.

The following models are affected by the recall:

2018 E400 Coupe

2018 E400 Cabriolet

2019 E300

2019-2020 A220

2019-2020 AMG C43 Cabriolet

2019-2020 AMG C63 Cabriolet

2019-2020 AMG C63 S Cabriolet

2019-2020 AMG C63 Coupe

2019-2020 C43 Coupe

2019-2020 C300 Cabriolet

2019-2020 E450

2019-2020 E53 Cabriolet

2019-2020 CLS450

2019-2020 CLS53

2019-2020 AMG E53 Coupe

2019-2020 C300 Coupe

2019-2020 C300

2019-2020 AMG E53

2019-2020 AMG C63 S Coupe

2019-2020 AMG C63

2019-2021 E450 Cabriolet

2019-2021 E450 Coupe

2019-2021 E450 Wagon

2019-2020 AMG C63 S

2019-2021 AMG C43

2020 AMG GLC63 Coupe

2020 GLC63 S Coupe

2020 AMG GLC63

2020 AMG A35

2020 GLS450

2020 C350e

2020 GLE350

2020 GLC300 Coupe

2020 AMG GLC43

2020 CLA250 Coupe

2020 AMG GLC43 Coupe

2020 GLE 450, 2020 GLC350e

2020-2021 GLB250

2020-2021 AMG GLA45

2020-2021 E350

2020-2021 AMG CLA35

2020-2021 AMG CLA45

2021 GLA250

2021 AMG GLA35

2021 AMG GLB35

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