Tom Feeney Expands Roles

Tom Feeney, former CEO of the Safelite Group and current executive chairperson of Belron North America, is assuming additional roles in the automotive insurance industry.

Hi Marley, creators of a communication platform designed for the insurance industry, announced last week that Feeney will lead its new Insurance Advisory Council. According to a company statement, the Council will bring together industry executives with experience in leading claims, customer experience, innovation and technology, and work with industry suppliers to offer products and services to carriers. Council members will guide and inform the company’s products and go-to-market strategies.

Tom Feeney (file photo) holds many roles in the automotive insurance industry.

“Our advisory council will help us continue to deliver innovative solutions that best meet the needs of our carrier partners and their policyholders,” Mike Greene, CEO of Hi Marley, says in the company statement. “We could not ask for a better leader. Tom has earned tremendous respect in our industry by obsessing over the customer experience and has developed and nurtured trusted relationships throughout his career. His experience will help move Hi Marley closer to achieving our goal of transforming insurance communication.”

Digital claims are a trend in the insurance industry. “It takes courage to be part of a startup in an industry like insurance that’s accustomed to traditional approaches,” Feeney, who is also director on Safelite Group’s board of directors, says in the company statement. “… the past few years showed us that people can quickly adapt and are flexible when it comes to communications. Hi Marley is perfectly positioned to help carriers innovate the way they communicate, not only with policyholders but within the entire ecosystem in which they operate.”

Feeney has also assumed the role of vice chairperson of the board of directors of Insight Service Group, a national claim and litigation support provider for insurance and legal communities.

“Tom’s deep experience and corporate leadership in the insurance market will be invaluable to ISG as we expand our business and shape the future of the industry by delivering business solutions that add value to the insurance and legal communities,” Bob Reardon, ISG chairperson and chief executive officer, says in a company statement. “I look forward to working closely with Tom and other board members to ensure that ISG leads from the front and delivers on our mission to assist our clients in achieving optimal claims outcomes.”

“I’m excited to assume the vice chairman position on the board of directors at a company known for its customer centricity and powerful technology solutions,” Feeney says in the ISG company statement. “I look forward to collaborating with the team and participating in the company’s continued success.”

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3 Responses to Tom Feeney Expands Roles

  1. Steve Gordon says:

    #1- Insurance companies do nothing but push paper around. But when they can have an OUTSIDE source like Safelite to do 9999.999% of their auto glass claims processing , that is more better.

    #2- Insurance companies only care about spending THE LEAST AMOUNT OF MONEY POSSIBLE on glass or any other claims. The least, the least, the least! The least is a combination of the actual payout plus the processing costs. Quality? All they care about is NOT having the insured complain to them about the work done by the vendor the insurance company steered them to. That is the most better.

  2. Terry morici says:

    There should be a law against this, this is a huge conflict of interest and should simply not be allowed. Small shops fight safelite all day everyday for practices that are illegal this is just going to make things worse for the small shops

  3. Michael Lattomus says:

    If the A I pays the insured instead of the glass shop this is the end of Safelite. They can not compete with small business, to much over head. Not sure what he thinks he can do to stop that but looks like he is going to try to steal the work like they do now.

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