Where the Carmakers Stand on Pre- and Post-Scans

What do the carmakers say about pre- and post-calibration scans? While many do not address glass replacement directly, they do have positions on the necessity of performing scans when calibration or recalibration has been performed. Here’s what the manufacturers say, gleaned from their position statements and service bulletins:

BMW: Supports pre- and post-scans.

FCA/Stellantis: Safety and security-related systems must be tested for active and stored fault codes after a collision, so scanning is necessary.

Ford (including Lincoln): Requires pre- and post-scanning for all collision-damaged vehicles for models after 2010. For models manufactured before 2010, technicians should follow the instructions in the Ford/Lincoln workshop manual.

General Motors: Requires pre- and post scans.

Honda and Acura: Requires pre- and post-scans.

Hyundai: Recommends pre- and post-scans “as appropriate to ensure safe and accurate repairs and that all vehicles receive a post-repair scan to ensure all systems and components are functioning, calibrated, and communicating properly with no diagnostic trouble codes present.” Hyundai insists on scanning even if a vehicle has no warning or malfunction indicator light on.

Kia: Supports pre-and post- scans even if no DTC code is illuminated.

Mazda: Requires pre- and post-scans.

Nissan: Requires pre- and post- scans. Nissan/Infinity vehicles after 2008 must have a post-repair scan. For vehicles from 1996 to 2007, post-scans are recommended.

Subaru: Requires pre- and post-scanning on 2004 model year vehicles or later.

Toyota/Lexus/Scion: Pre- and post-scans are recommended.

Volvo: Requires pre-and post- scans on model year 1996 or later. Examples of why scanning is necessary include windshield replacements.

glassBYTEs works to provide accurate information, but users are urged to consult the manufacturers themselves for the latest and most complete information.

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  1. Patrick says:

    Where do you see that Mazda requires pre and post scans? I can only find documentation that says they recommend but not required.

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