Shops Pushing Back as Safelite Pushes for Auto Glass Laws

Safelite’s efforts led to passage of new laws in Utah and Arizona. As its efforts moved east, however, Safelite butted heads with another group that is offering its own vision about how to safely make repairs: The Auto Glass Safety Council.

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2 Responses to Shops Pushing Back as Safelite Pushes for Auto Glass Laws

  1. Scott Harkey says:

    Interesting. I particularly like the following quote from government relations manager Scott Zajic, who “said operators who field Safelite’s insurance calls don’t direct customers to specific repair facilities if they have their own preference.” (Our recorded 1st-notice-of-loss calls tell a much different story). Also, “He acknowledged, however, that some customers do choose Safelite after they are educated about the importance of proper recalibration when windshields are repaired.” I think educated may be another word for “steered”.
    Scott Harkey.

  2. Dave says:

    Yes, when Safelite “educates” customers, the verb could be interchangeable with “Coerced” in many cases. Having listened to many such calls, it’s easy to see how less experienced local glass shop representatives would be easily intimidated and risk losing the job to Safelite. A customer without their local shop of choice on the FNOL call hardly stands a chance.

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