Post Holiday: Is Your Shop Busy or Slow?

Not all businesses are created equal when it comes to post-holiday work. Some shops take weekends and holidays off, while others opt to stay open. Some played catch-up the week after Memorial Day, and some enjoyed a slower pace. talked to shops around the country to see how business is faring.

Vic Ng owns and operates Express Auto Glass in Hoboken, N.J. Ng provides mobile windshield repair, replacement and calibration services. He took the Memorial Day holiday weekend off, and after 20 years in business, Ng says he usually takes significant holidays and weekends off. “Definitely, it’s very mentally stimulating,” he says. Time off also allows him time to rest physically. Although many tools today make his job easier, Ng says his job is still physically demanding.

After the holiday, Ng says he received about 20 calls, but he only took on three of those jobs. “A lot of people are just pricing around,” he says. “I’m not the cheapest guy in town.” In his area, he says customers often shop around for the best price of services. “I concentrate more on the people who will pay more for the high-quality materials.”

On Tuesday, the weather was 95 degrees with high humidity. So he put off some jobs for Wednesday, the day he spoke with, when the weather was a pleasant 70 degrees. “I don’t usually do seven [jobs]. I usually try to keep it three or four [per day],” Ng says. On Thursday, he went back to three or four jobs per day.

John Tobin’s Easy Glass in Grand Junction, Col., provides windshield repair and replacement services 24/7, including weekends. Tobin says he and his two technicians had five jobs Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, three or four jobs on Sunday and three or four jobs on Memorial Day. One job on the Monday holiday was a rock chip repair and the others were replacements. “If there’s money to be made, then I go out there and make it,” Tobin says.

At 31 years old, Tobin has been in business for himself for eight years and was previously a partner in another company for four. He says he has always worked weekends for his business. He also makes sure to answer the phone after 5 p.m. because, 90% of the time, if he does, he is guaranteed to get the job. Grand Junction is a college town, he says, and a lot happens during the evenings and on weekends, requiring windshield services later. “Summertime is huge, I think, for answering phones. If you’re not, you’re just missing an opportunity,” Tobin says.

“If we can fill up a weekend [with jobs], we actually will,” Tobin says. “It just depends on what the customer needs.” Business was slow the days after Memorial Day, but Tobin says that is normal for where he lives as customers are thinking more about summer plans and school ending and not getting their windshields fixed.

Norman Cash owns On Site Auto Glass in Windham, Maine, and he says business picks up after the Memorial Day weekend. Cash says mishaps tend to happen during holiday weekends, including customers loading stuff into their vehicles and breaking auto glass, as well as vandalism. “We see a lot more of that after a holiday.” On Site took the holiday weekend off and has been busy since Tuesday.

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