Launch Celebrates 30 Years

Launch Tech Co., founded in China in 1992, is celebrating three decades of global service to the automotive diagnostics tools and equipment sector. The company wrote in a news release that the anniversary marks a “milestone of accomplishment” in its delivery of solutions.

Launch wrote that its focus for the past 30 years has been product innovation and process improvements, noting the motto of “Create-Change.” Those efforts are spurred by two research and development centers located in Shenzhen and Shanghai, China, as well as centers in the U.S., Germany, Japan, Korea and Latin America. Launch Tech USA is headquartered in Southern California.

According to the release, Launch attributes its success to shareholders, clients and product users.

“This focus on research and development has enabled Launch Tech to own the rights to hundreds of patented technologies and the company has received numerous industry accolades and awards by automotive publications and organizations in China, United States, Germany, etc.,” the company wrote.

Launch also highlights its emphasis on automotive diagnostic technology in the news release, which the company says enables it to derive production lines of auto diagnostics, testing, maintenance, lifts and more.

“This diversification of the product portfolio has enabled Launch Tech to be one of the few automotive diagnostics manufacturers that can boast the claim of an all-encompassing product suite that serves automotive technicians and service and repair facilities throughout the globe,” the company continues.

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