Auto Windscreens: Delaying Windshield Repairs a ‘False Economy’

Recently-released data from the United Kingdom company Auto Windscreens shows that policyholders waited an average of 15 days before booking their windshield chip repairs in August 2022. They waited only eight days to book those repairs in August 2019. The company says the increased delay doesn’t necessarily make for smart long-term economics.

According to Auto Windscreens, “it makes sense” to address chip repair as soon as possible.

Auto Windscreens attributes customers delaying their chip repairs to national lockdowns, less road traffic and the COVID Ministry of Transport (MOT) test extension. In fact, for May 2020, customers waited an average of 18 days before making repairs. Auto Windscreens also cites the rising cost of living, noting an increase in booking delays since March 2022.

The national lockdowns, less road traffic, and the COVID Ministry of Transport (MOT) test extension offered by the government have all contributed to customers delaying getting chips fixed over the past two years, waiting as many as 18 days on average in May 2020. In more recent months this is also being driven by the rising cost of living, as the company has seen an increase in customers delaying their bookings consistently since March 2022.

“With the current cost of living squeeze, it’s no real surprise policyholders are delaying booking windscreen repairs, and since averages began increasing in April 2020, they haven’t returned to the original levels,” says James Reynolds, commercial and sales director at Auto Windscreens. “While delaying a chip repair might seem a good short term solution, in the long term, it’s a false economy. A windshield with a chip is weakened glass, meaning the longer it’s left, the more susceptible it becomes to further damage or cracking.”

With the average cost of repair totaling less than a fifth of the cost of replacement, according to Auto Windscreens, “it makes sense” to address chip repair as soon as possible.

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