Latest ‘On Target’ from Ford Highlights OEM Glass

Ford’s newest “On Target” newsletter shows the Original Equipment Manufacturer’s  (OEM) emphasis on –you guessed it –OEM glass. Ford says use of OE glass is vital, especially with the emergence and continuing development of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).

Ford expects the future to include continued evolution of those systems. Systems capable of recognizing street signs and even pedestrians are on the horizon.

“It simply cannot be overstated how much the importance of using OEM glass in collision repairs has grown, due to the substantial and accelerated deployment of ADAS technology,” Ford says. “OEM glass will only become more important, as ADAS features continue to become more prevalent, complex and more integrated into other vehicle systems.”

As such, Ford points to its OEM software it says is necessary to properly perform calibrations. The software comes with a daily update to the vehicle communication module’s equipment software, while changes to ADAS features can be made without changing the camera.

“To ensure proper calibrations, the most up-to-date software must be utilized,” Ford continues, calling attention to the Ford Certified Glass Network.

The network’s goal is to ensure glass installers have the tools, equipment and information to allow for proper glass removal, installation and calibration. Glass installation and calibration procedures, assessment and consultation, calibration training and technical support are all on the table for those who enroll.

In addition, Ford points the industry toward a “helpful” tool from Carlex.

“To help glass installers utilize correct OEM glass components, Carlex provides a helpful search feature that can quickly identify the exact replacement glass part number,” Ford says. “Searches can be made using vehicle year, make and model; the Ford service part number; National Auto Glass Specifications ID; and the Ford engineering part number.”

Ford says the engineering part number includes windshield specifications, dimensions and additional data detailing the fit within the vehicle’s substrate. According to Ford, the feature “is the best way to be sure it’s the correct Ford replacement glass for the vehicle.”

“Aftermarket glass companies do not have access to this very specific information, which could lead to the wrong glass part being utilized, resulting in the ADAS and other vehicle systems no longer working as designed or intended,” Ford says.

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