Ford Announces First Member of Its Certified Glass Network

Don’s Mobile Glass in California says it’s the first U.S. member of the Ford Certified Glass Network (FCGN). Jacques Navant, the company’s technical director, and chief operations officer Dave Leach say the development comes as an “investment in competence.”

Ford Certified Glass Network requires that all companies installing glass be accredited members of the Auto Glass Safety Council.

Ford Motor Company’s initiative is designed to ensure that glass installation and calibration on Ford and Lincoln vehicles are performed to the highest quality standards. The program requires that all companies installing glass be accredited members of the Auto Glass Safety Council.

“Our decision to look at the program kind of ties into our overall view for how to do business,” Leach says. “We feel our keys to success are being the best at what we do and we felt that this falls squarely into that. If you’re going to be at the top of the industry you have to do the things that put you there. It’s all a part of building the best business we can. We have the capability as well as the facilities and technical understanding to be able to properly manage that, so it was a pretty easy decision.”

“I’m always hungry for knowledge and understanding,” Navant says. “It added value for me personally to be able to learn how Ford does things, and a little bit more about their software and such. This has been a win-win across the board.”

Ford’s network prepares installation companies to meet emerging requirements for proper glass installation. An annual enrollment fee provides installers access to the Ford Workshop Manual, including glass installation and calibration procedures. Enrollment also comes with an assessment by a third-party specialist to ensure proper utilization of tools, equipment and training.

Also included are calibration training, access to technical support, storefront signage and more. FCGN also includes a Ford glass installation locator that will direct customers to certified facilities.

“Our first shop to be certified is in Modesto, Calif., and we’re lucky enough to be surrounded by hardcore car culture,” Navant says. “The majority of our technicians are car guys so they were extremely excited about this process. Anything they can do to learn more about the cars on the road, they’re all about it.”

The most exciting aspect of the certification for Navant is the exposure to Ford’s culture. He says it’s nice to have a partnership with a manufacturer that was instrumental in building the automotive industry. Leach says it’s important for shops like Don’s to differentiate themselves from those that don’t take the calibration aspects of the industry seriously. With 37 years in the auto industry, Leach adds that “doing it right” has never been more important.

“The direction the industry is going, it has moved us into an era where credibility, safety, and the complexity of installations are becoming a big part of the decision of whom a customer chooses,” Leach says. “A lot of people don’t understand that when they start the process, but if it’s explained to them that the windshield has to be set properly for their safety systems to work properly, they become a more educated buyer which benefits those that invest in competence. That’s exactly what we’re trying to do; we want to be the vendor of choice.”

Visit the FCGN website to learn more about the program.

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  1. Ryan says:

    We are excited and proud to be a part of this process. Nothing inspires us more than to do the right thing and bring quality and service to our customer base. We are pure ingenuity and craftsmanship. This isn’t a job, this is who we are.

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