NH Legislator Wants Consumers Notified of Calibration Prior to Work

A hearing was held Wednesday, Feb. 15, on a bill by New Hampshire Rep. Tim McGough that would require auto glass repair and replacement facilities to tell customers calibrations are necessary for their vehicles prior to work being done.

Rep. McGough (R) opened the hearing by telling the committee of the “very specialized” calibration process. “All it does is require us to notify and protect the consumer,” he said of HB 304. “The problem is an unsuspecting consumer could very easily go to an auto glass shop, not be told (about calibration), and have non-working sensors. All of those important sensors could be completely uncalibrated and the consumer would never know it.”

Therefore, he continued, the bill provides a few protections for consumers who find themselves in such situations. For example, if a vehicle is ADAS-equipped, the shop would have to tell the customer that recalibration is required and that it must meet or exceed the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications. Additionally, the shop would need to provide the customer with a description of the work to be done on the vehicle.

“If a recalibration was not performed or not completed successfully, the auto glass repair or replacement facility shall inform the customer in writing or electronically that the recalibration was not successful or was not performed and that the vehicle should be taken to a vehicle manufacturer’s certified dealership or a qualified auto glass repair or replacement facility capable of performing the recalibration of an advanced driver assistance system that meets or exceeds the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications,” the bill continues.

Scot Zajic of Safelite and Bonnie Wheeler of Glass America were on hand supporting the legislation, with the former trying to drive home the point that the matter “is about safety.” The Auto Glass Safety Council (AGSC) also submitted written testimony.

“If that camera’s not recalibrated, you’re in danger,” said Zajic.

However, some of the committee members seem to think that there are already enough protections in place. One legislator pointed to vehicle manuals, saying that hers informed her of the necessity of recalibrations with respect to windshield repairs and replacements. Another legislator said consumers should already know of ADAS requirements from conversations with the dealerships at which the vehicles were purchased.

Committee member Merryl Gibbs (D) then reminded her peers that not everyone purchasing vehicles do so from a dealership. Rep. McGough also commented that not every consumer reads through their vehicle manual cover-to-cover.

After the public hearing was closed, chairperson John Hunt told those in attendance that it would be a few weeks before the bill, and others discussed on Wednesday, take the next steps in the legislative process.

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  1. Dave Clark says:

    I completely agree that this should be required in every State. As for the argument, stating that people should already know because it’s in the vehicle’s owner’s manual… we all know 90% of new car buyers don’t read their manual cover to cover. Once they know how to set their favorite radio stations, the manual goes in the glove box.

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