Cary Group to Acquire Belgian Companies Autoglass Clinic and Touring Glass Belgium

Cary Group has signed an agreement to acquire the Belgian companies Autoglass Clinic and Touring Glass Belgium, both of which are vehicle glass repair and replacement operations. The group says the acquisitions are part of its European consolidation and will create a “strong platform” in the Belgian market once the two companies are integrated.

The Cary Group specializes in sustainable solutions for the repair and replacement of vehicle glass. Autoglass Clinic is headquartered in Hasselt in central Belgium, and has a network of 27 service centers, 24 independent automotive glass specialists and three owned workshops with 25 employees. Touring Glass has eight owned workshops and 33 employees. The joint company will operate under the brand name Autoglass Clinic.

“We are very happy to welcome Autoglass Clinic and Touring Glass to the Cary Group family. Belgium is an attractive market with high vehicle glass repair and replacement insurance penetration,” says Anders Jensen, CEO of the Cary Group. “Autoglass Clinic has a strong number two position in the Belgian market and together with Touring Glass, number three in the market, we create an even stronger and larger platform.”

Jensen says the development will also create additional regional and national coverage for insurance companies.

“Autoglass Clinic is very happy to announce that we from now on will be part of Cary Group, and that we are given the opportunity of housing Touring Glass in our company,” Autoglass Clinic writes in a news release. “With our strong market position in Belgium, we are hoping to find synergies and ways of cooperation with the other companies in Cary Group that will bolster our business.”

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