Specialty Sponsors Step Up for Auto Glass Week™ 2023

Auto Glass Week™ (AGW) 2023 is less than three months away. On top of a packed trade show filled with an expansive collection of sponsors, the event goes the extra mile to offer happy hours, gatherings, fundraisers and more. These are made possible by generous sponsors, and we wanted to highlight them and what they’re bringing to the event:

  • XYG North America, sponsoring the Auto Glass Replacement Competition, (AGTO) , mobile app, attendee lanyards and keynote speaker;
  • Autel, sponsoring the calibration competition;
  • GlasWeld, the Windshield Repair Competition (WRO) repair competition sponsor; and
  • AirPro Diagnostics, sponsoring the Auto Glass Week event badges.

Auto Glass Week™ 2023 will showcase the latest in the aftermarket auto glass repair, replacement and calibration industry and gives attendees a chance to make new connections.

The event takes place September 20-22 at the Virginia Beach Convention Center, so register now! For the largest available discounts, click here, and reserve your hotel room here.

Interested sponsors can reserve their booths here. Visit www.autoglassweek.com to for the latest updates.

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1 Response to Specialty Sponsors Step Up for Auto Glass Week™ 2023

  1. TechyList says:

    I’m so excited to see all the specialty sponsors stepping up for Auto Glass Week! This is an amazing opportunity to get your name and brand out there and to connect with potential customers. Thank you to everyone who is participating!

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