Automotive Glass Experts and ABC Autoglass Europe GmbH Form New Partnership Agreement for Automotive Glass Distribution

Automotive Glass Experts (AGE), an organization of service providers in the automotive glass industry, has announced a strategic partnership agreement with ABC Autoglas Europe GmbH, an automotive glass distributor based in Kirkel, Germany. Under the terms of the partnership agreement, ABC Autoglas Europe GmbH will become an authorized distributor of AGE, providing AGE members with a range of automotive glass of the American market as well as a range of European and Korean cars.

AGE says ABC Autoglas Europe specializes in all Mopar parts and are currently expanding their OEM range in the market. With expertise in almost all sealants suitable for automotive use, ABC Autoglas Europe’s distribution network and location in Germany will allow the company to play a pivotal role in ensuring the availability of products to customers throughout the region, thereby meeting the increasing demands of the automotive glass market in Europe, AGE says.

“We are excited to join forces with ABC Autoglas GmbH as one of our trusted distribution partners for automotive glass inEurope,” said Giorgio Pompole, AGE board member responsible for AGE suppliers’ strategy. “Their extensive experience and strong reputation in the automotive glass industry make them an ideal collaborator for us. Together, we can efficiently deliver our high-quality automotive glass products to customers, enhancing their driving experience and safety.”

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