California DMV Suspends Cruise’s Driverless-Car Permits

The California Department of Motor Vehicles on October 24 suspended GM Cruise’s autonomous-driving permit, putting a halt to the company’s driverless taxi service in San Francisco.

The DMV cited safety concerns, saying the vehicles are not safe for public operation and GM “misrepresented any information related to safety of autonomous technology vehicles.

The move immediately suspends Cruise LLC’s deployment and driverless testing permits.

The DMV said public safety remains the department’s top priority. The autonomous vehicle regulations provide a framework to guide the safe testing and deployment of driverless-car technology in California.

“The California DMV [on October 24] notified Cruise that the department is suspending Cruise’s autonomous vehicle deployment and driverless testing permits, effective immediately,” the department said in a statement announcing the suspension.

“The DMV has provided Cruise with the steps needed to apply to reinstate its suspended permits, which the DMV will not approve until the company has fulfilled the requirements to the department’s satisfaction. This decision does not impact the company’s permit for testing with a safety driver,” the DMV said.

The department based the suspension on the following:

  • The performance of the vehicles; the DMV determined the manufacturer’s vehicles are not safe for the public’s operation;
  • The manufacturer misrepresented information related to safety of the autonomous technology of its vehicles;
  • Any act or omission of the manufacturer or one of its agents, employees, contractors or designees which the department finds makes the conduct of autonomous vehicle testing on public roads by the manufacturer an unreasonable risk to the public;
  • The department shall immediately suspend or revoke the Manufacturer’s Testing Permit or a Manufacturer’s Testing Permit – Driverless Vehicles if a manufacturer is engaging in a practice in such a manner that immediate suspension is required for the safety of persons on a public road.
  • There is no time limit to the suspension.

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