Study: ADAS Adds More Than a Third to Repair Costs

The American Automobile Association (AAA) reports that advanced driver assist systems (ADAS) make up a third of the cost of automobile crash repair.

“Consumers may not realize it, but the sensors that help ADAS ‘see’ the world around the vehicle are located at the front, side, and back [of the vehicle],” the association says. “AAA looked at four repair scenarios (front-end collision, side mirror replacement, rear collision, and windshield replacement) to understand the costs of repairing these sensors.”

AAA attributes the highest repair cost for ADAS components to radar sensors and cameras damaged in a front-end collision. However, replacing a side mirror represents the largest repair costs of the three scenarios.

The group looked at three 2023 models and found that:

• The average cost of replacing ADAS components in a minor front collision repair was $1,540, or 13.2% of the average total repair.

• An average of 70.8% of the repair cost ($1,067) was attributable to the ADAS camera included in the side mirror assembly.

• The average cost of replacing ADAS components in a minor rear collision repair was $684, or 40.9% of the average total repair estimate of $1,698.

• The cost of windshield glass replacement attributable to ADAS components averaged 25.4% ($360) of the total repair cost.

“Individual ADAS component costs (part and specific labor/calibration) over the four repair scenarios range from a low of $290 to a high of $1,596,” AAA says.

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