AAA: Reverse Automatic Emergency Braking Not Foolproof

Recent American Automobile Association (AAA) research looked at various simulated collisions across four popular 2023 model-year vehicles equipped with reverse Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) systems with rear cross-traffic mitigation.

According to the group, AEB systems may significantly reduce rear-end collisions. Reverse AEB with rear cross-traffic mitigation systems helps mitigate or prevent collisions with other vehicles, with some reverse AEB systems detecting rear cross-traffic and automatically applying brakes in response to other cars, pedestrians, cyclists, or stationary objects.

AAA Engineers wanted to know how reverse AEB systems perform when backing out of a parking space into the path of an oncoming vehicle with an adjacent parked vehicle blocking the view. They also wanted to know how the systems performed while encountering a stationary child pedestrian behind the vehicle.

The results of the investigation found that:
• Reverse AEB systems automatically applied brakes in 65% of test runs and prevented a collision in 2.5% of test runs in the context of the backing-up scenarios involving a subject vehicle crossing behind the test vehicle.
• With the stationary child target behind the test vehicle, reverse (AEB) automatically applied brakes in 75% of test runs and prevented a collision in 50% of test runs.

“Testing standards for these systems are lacking in the U.S. but are crucial to ensure they function properly in real-world scenarios,” AAA says. “It’s important to evaluate not only their functionality but also their ability to address different situations that may arise.”

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