Autel Settles Proprietary Data Theft Suit for $33.62 Million

On January 16, Autel Corporation and Autel New York settled a $33.62 million lawsuit with Mitchell Repair Information Company and Snap-on over Autel’s alleged theft of proprietary information and data.

Mitchell and Snap-on filed suit in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California, saying Autel stole the company’s proprietary information and data. The companies say Autel used their exclusive diagnostic and repair information on the MaxiSys Ultra product.

In the original court filing, the companies say their proprietary diagnostic and repair information is based on “expert and artificial intelligence analysis of literally billions of data points [the companies] have gathered over a period of more than 25 years.”

Mitchell and Snap-on claimed that Autel obtained the data in three ways:

• By circumventing security measures on Mitchell 1 and Snap-on diagnostic tools, to “spoof” these devices and “engage in mass automated downloads of…proprietary information.

• Using a different company’s user name and password “to surreptitiously and systematically pull Plaintiffs’ proprietary data from its online TruckSeries product.”

• Violating the terms of an end-user licensing agreement to improperly pull “large quantities” of proprietary information through Mitchell 1’s ProDemand product.

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