Study: 44% of Drivers Report Dangerous Windshield Blind Spot

Blind spots created by windshields, door pillars or windshield wipers not fully sweeping the windshield pose a threat when 44% of motorists drive, according to a February 9 study by the U.K.-based Automobile Association.

According to the survey, 35% of drivers say the inability to see out of their windshield was limited, leading to a collision or near-miss, while 12% did so in the parking lot.

Breaking down where their view is restricted most:

• The side pillar next to or just behind the driver created a blind spot for 22% of those surveyed,
• The windshield pillar created a significant blind spot for 20% of drivers and
• The front passenger’s side of the windshield during heavy rain or snow created a blind spot for 6% of drivers due to wipers not covering that area.

Likewise, 5% reported the same problem in winter when dirt and excess road salt were thrown on the windshield.
Similar driver-side blind spots occurred for 4% of motorists driving in heavy rain and snow and 3% due to a build-up of road dirt.

A.A. says U.K. government statistics show that in 2022, there were 17 fatal road collisions where a blind spot was a contributing factor. Of the 929 collisions leading to injuries, 1.8% resulted in the death of vehicle occupants.

“Over the past five years, blind spots restricting the view of drivers have been a factor in 63 road deaths and more than 1,100 serious injuries,” says Tim Rankin, managing director of the A.A.’s Accident Assist.

“Blind spots that come and go with weather conditions, such as the build-up of dirt and excess road salt, or wipers not removing rain and snow from parts of the windscreen, present a threat that can change in minutes,” Rankin says.

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