ADAS: There’s a Book for That

As Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) become increasingly common in today’s vehicles, auto technicians everywhere are learning how to work with the technology. A new resource is now available, providing a comprehensive guide to that ADAS technology as a whole.

Steve Zack, a retired Bosch employee and retired former member of the Auto Glass Safety Council (AGSC) ADAS Committee, worked alongside co-authors Kurt Shadbolt and Scott Brown to write “Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) First Edition.”

According to Zack, the first inspiration for this book hit in 2021 when he was invited to speak about ADAS to automotive professors in Southern California. Shadbolt and Brown were also there. While Zack was speaking with them, the head of the professors approached them to suggest someone write a textbook about ADAS.

“Next thing I knew, everyone’s finger points to me, and I looked at Kurt, we can do it together, then we invited Scott and we were off writing,” Zack says.

As a winner of the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Award in 2017 and a retired ADAS expert at Bosch, Zack had the expertise and knowledge needed.

His first iteration of the textbook was a melting pot of presentations and articles he’d written while at Bosch. Then he, Shadbolt and Brown collaborated from across the country via video conference and email to write the book.

Zack says the textbook takes students through the history of autonomous vehicles from the 1940s to now, even including projections into the future. It also goes into minute detail about the workings of ADAS.

According to Zack, this is important because technicians need to fully understand what they’re working with to do their job safely.

“The idea of the book is to teach you how the system works so you can do a better job calibrating,” he says.

Zack says it also helps technicians explain the work they’re doing to customers.

The book provides questions about the material and job sheets to prepare readers for ASE’s new L4 Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Specialist Test. It also has accompanying videos.

Chapter 11 is entitled “Calibration” and it breaks down that topic that’s so critical to the auto glass industry.

“Educational material like this is a must for the auto glass industry and for the shop owner and technician,” says Jeff Olive.

The textbook was published August 23, 2023, and is available for purchase on Amazon.

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  1. Lisa Keene says:

    What is the name of this book? ADAS First Edition is not coming up in Amazon

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