CSR Superstars: A Crucial Element of any Auto Glass Shop

One of the most important employees of any auto glass shop is someone often taken for granted: the customer service representative (CSR).

CSRs are typically the first person a potential customer interacts with. Before a technician even looks at the damage to a windshield, sidelite or backlite, the CSR has made an initial assessment and built a relationship with the customer.

Joni Nicely excelled at the Auto Glass Week 2023 CSR Competition.

Joni Nicely is the Auto Glass WeekTM 2023 CSR Competition gold medalist and a CSR at Mel’s Auto Glass in Cincinnati. She says the first impression is vital, especially when customers are distressed about something like a smashed car window.

“I’ve had customers calling in crying, and I’m just walking them through, helping them with insurance, getting them scheduled as quickly as we can because they have a hole in the car,” she says.

This gives customers a positive memory of both their interaction with the CSR and of the shop as a whole.

“Customers remember that stuff, [like] how they had a kind voice to help them through it and guide them,” Nicely says. “That helps the company because they can get their name out there more.”

Nicely points out that there’s frequently a sense of urgency when it comes to auto glass repair, and a good CSR needs to know how to handle that situation with compassion and punctuality.

Nicely puts an emphasis on compassion in her work as a CSR.

“I think for the auto glass industry, customer service is really important because the customer needs to get this work done,” she said. “You have glass in your car and you’re out on the road, you have to get it done somewhere. So just being that kind, helpful person can also make the company thrive.”

Because CSRs need to be able to identify what a customer’s auto glass needs are over the phone and give them a cost estimate, they need some industry knowledge. Nicely gained hers by experience, deliberate research and watching repairs and replacements at the shop where she works.

In recognition of how important CSRs are to business, the Auto Glass Safety Council (AGSC) is in the process of developing an Auto Glass Certification program, which it expects to debut next year.

Watch Joni Nicely and other CSRs display their skills at the 2023 CSR Competition:

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