Plaintiff Dismisses Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Safelite and Fuyao

The lawsuit against Safelite, Fuyao Glass America Inc. and former Safelite technician Kenneth Hedgespeth has ended. The plaintiff, Anthony Panichelli, voluntarily dismissed the suit on March 18, 2024.

Panichelli had sued Safelite, Fuyao Glass America and Hedgespeth for wrongful death, products liability and negligence following the death of his wife, Cara Mia Francesca Panichelli. She passed away after a piece of metal pierced her windshield and struck her while she was driving. The plaintiff alleged that the windshield was made by Fuyao Glass America and installed by Hedgespeth, who was a Safelite technician at the time.

The dismissal follows motions from the defendants to strike or dismiss the complaints against them. Safelite and Hedgespeth filed their motion to strike the allegations against them on March 15, 2024. Fuyao Glass America filed its motion to dismiss or strike the complaints against it on March 18, 2024.

In a joint motion, Safelite and Hedgespeth claimed there was not enough evidence to support a “punitive damages” claim. The motion also cited vague language in the original complaint, plus the fact that Hedgespeth hadn’t been correctly served with the complaint.

Fuyao Glass America’s motion claimed that, since it is based out of Ohio, has no Pennsylvania locations and does not ship to Pennsylvania, the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania has no jurisdiction over Fuyao Glass America. The motion also cites lack of evidence for a “punitive damages” claim and vague language as grounds for dismissal.

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1 Response to Plaintiff Dismisses Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Safelite and Fuyao

  1. Richard Lytle says:

    I feel terrible for the gentleman that lost his wife to this unfortunate series of events but it was the right thing to do. No one should have been at fault for this accident. Metal being flung up off the road towards a windshield, theres only one winner. The metal. Everyone else loses. That same thing happened years ago on Rt.95 in Georgetown, Ma. The husband had just dropped his wife off at work and someone driving down the breakdown lane ran over a piece of a leafspring and shot it up through the windshield of his van on the passenger side where his wife was just sitting and when I went out to do his windshield the leafspring was still stuck in the headrest of the seat. It would have gone throuh his wifes head. Pure luck and fortunate timing. Thoughts and prayers to him and his family for his recent loss.

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