Made You Look: Auto Glass Now Launches New Marketing Campaign

Auto Glass Now (AGN) has launched a new marketing campaign designed to grab customers’ attention while representing the company’s spirit.

The subsidiary of Driven Brands, based out of Charlotte, North Carolina, released a series of short, humorous commercials and corresponding imaging on its vehicles and other ad space.

The commercials depict people driving down the road without any windshields, wind plastering their skin to their faces, whipping through their hair and sending any unsecured objects hurtling out the windows.

Company vice president of marketing Kyle Ankrom says the entertaining campaign was meant to stick in customers’ minds so they’d remember AGN’s name when they needed auto glass services.

“One of the things we’ve found is about half of customers really don’t have a brand or shop in mind when they start on this journey,” Ankrom says. “It’s very much unknown … this is not something that happens (to people) all the time. And that’s why we wanted to have something that would break through and be memorable.”

AGN president Nick Ouimet said his company wanted to stand out from any other auto glass industry advertising

“There’s kind of a sea of sameness that’s in the auto glass space, and everybody has the same truck that repairs the same things, and we wanted to create a voice that spoke a little differently,” he says.

Since AGN recently acquired a number of companies around the United States, this campaign helps complete its integration process and unify all those companies under the same imagery.

“Part of it is bringing these brands that were competing and winning at a local and regional level and bringing that to a national stage,” Ankrom says.

He says the campaign draws on that competitive energy for the marketing campaign.

“Bringing that underdog mindset and personality to life is one thing that unified all of the brands, and so that’s why we’re purposefully bold,” he says.

Ankrom says that boldness has been noticed.

“We’ve started to hear anecdotally (as we’ve) put this campaign on vans that people are literally chasing down our technicians to take pictures of the side of the van,” he says.

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