Taking Care of the Earth, One Windshield Repair at a Time

Repairing rather than replacing a windshield is an excellent option for many reasons. It saves the auto glass technician time and saves the customer money. Earth Day is the perfect time to examine another excellent reason: repairing a windshield is more environmentally friendly than replacement.

Jacques Navant, a member of the National Windshield Repair Division’s (NWRD) executive committee, says it’s essential to work with the earth’s future in mind.

“We live in a world where we now have to be very mindful of what we’re throwing into a landfill,” he says.

If you’re replacing a windshield, the old glass has to go somewhere. When it gets thrown away, it piles up in a landfill and could eventually make its way into the ocean. According to Navant, windshield repair produces much less waste, so there’s less to throw away.

“There’s an extremely low amount of actual physical waste that you throw away when you’re doing the repair process,” he says.

The windshield glass isn’t the only thing thrown away during a windshield replacement. Navant points out that auto glass shops frequently throw away large amounts of paper towels, razor blades and other such disposable supplies that they need to use in a replacement. Repairs don’t use nearly as many disposable supplies.

“In most cases, you’re throwing away a little bit of the residual cured resin from the actual process, maybe a small plastic tab and a razor blade,” Navant says. “That’s it. That’s a very small amount considering all the good that that repair does.”

When not volunteering for NWRD, Navant is the technical director at Don’s Mobile Glass in Modesto, California. He says preventing waste is always an important consideration for them.

“I can’t speak for other companies, but I know in my company it’s always our first question, ‘Is it repairable?’” Navant says. “We go out of our way to try and salvage and save as many windshields as possible.”

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