Too Much of a Good Thing? Reaching the Windshield Repair Limit

There are many benefits to repairing a windshield rather than replacing it. It’s usually less expensive, quicker and better for the environment. But what happens when a customer returns with new damage, needing their windshield repaired for the third, fourth or fifth time? Is there a limit to the number of times a technician can repair a windshield before it becomes impractical or unsafe?

As with many things in the auto glass business, the answer to this question is “it depends.”

It does for Linda Rollinson, the chair of the ANSI/AGSC/NWRD National Windshield Repair Division (NWRD)’s Repair Of Laminated Automotive Glass Standard (ROLAGS) Committee. She says how many times you can repair a windshield really comes down to the driver.

While some drivers notice and are bothered by the sight of a small repair on a windshield and want it replaced, others can drive around with five different repairs on their windshield completely unbothered, adds Rollinson.

“Some people have absolutely no problem looking through their windshield,” Rollinson says. “Other people look at their windshield.”

She adds that you do have to be careful about where and how big the repair is. If the repair is directly in front of the driver and could obstruct their view, that’s a safety issue.

“You can’t have them have a nice scar right in front of their face,” she says. Plus, you want to follow the ROLAGS2 Standard.

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  1. At what point is the windshield compromised? Have these repairs been tested in roll over crashes or airbag deployment? Who repaired and how were the previous repairs done.? I think these types of test should provide the correct answer to the question of “How many is too many”

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