Playing Monopoly? Amended Lawsuit Alleges Tesla Restricts “Right to Repair”

The Cybertruck owner shocked by the price of a new windshield isn’t the only one frustrated by Tesla repair parts. Seven Tesla owners are suing the company for allegedly restricting their “right to repair” their electric vehicles (EV).

The ongoing lawsuit alleges that Tesla has an illegal monopoly on parts and services to repair its EVs, including auto glass parts and services.

The seven first filed the suit in December of 2023. They cite the Federal Trade Commission’s “right to repair” movement.

The plaintiffs claim that, with its 65% to 80% market power in the EV market and unique vehicle design, Tesla can and does dominate the aftermarket parts and repair industry for its vehicles. According to the suit, they allege this domination is enough to be an illegal monopoly.

The plaintiffs assert that they didn’t know their aftermarket repair options would be restricted when they purchased their Tesla vehicles. They allege that Tesla also restricts their “right to repair” by saying Tesla owners could forfeit warranties if they get products or services somewhere other than a Tesla-designated company.

U.S. District Court Judge Trina L. Thompson rejected Tesla’s motion to dismiss the lawsuit on all but one count, which alleged that Tesla breached the California Cartwright Act preventing sellers from forcing buyers to buy another item to get the first one.

The judge had previously dismissed the lawsuit, saying that the plaintiffs didn’t provide evidence that Tesla dominated the aftermarket parts services business enough to justify the suit. The plaintiffs returned with the current amended lawsuit, which the judge found to contain sufficient evidence to proceed.

“They reason that consumers were unaware of the repair restrictions in their warranties because Tesla misleads consumers into believing their EVs require little to no maintenance, have fewer moving parts and receive over-the-air software updates,” Thompson says in her order rejecting Tesla’s dismissal.

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  1. joe kook says:

    Harley Davidson just won a court case over the same stuff which is pretty sad. Its been illegal to conduct business like that since the 80’s, but apparently the guy with the most money wins…..

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