Sponsored: “Auto Glass Now gets you Auto Glass Now!” Marketing Campaign Entertains and Empathizes

Auto Glass Now’s (AGN) latest marketing campaign is being lauded for entertaining customers and drawing them to the business.

In April, the subsidiary of Charlotte, North Carolina-based Driven Brands launched a campaign based on funny, exaggerated imagery and short but impactful messaging.

The commercials depict people hurtling down the road in cars without windshields, the wind tugging on their hair and faces like they’re riding roller coasters.

Those same faces, complete with humorous expressions, are emblazoned on the sides of Auto Glass Now’s vans. According to Kyle Ankrom, Auto Glass Now’s vice president of marketing, people have spotted these vans and chased the company’s technicians down to take pictures.

Ankrom said that the imagery shows how inconvenient having a damaged windshield can be, albeit hyperbolically. He said the commercials are designed to represent the urgency for customers to take care of their auto glass services.

“Customers want their auto glass taken care of today,” Ankrom says. “Not someday, not the next day; they want it taken care of right now. That’s where we wanted to bring that to life and show that we understood what they were going through.”

That message is built into both the company’s name and its tagline: “Auto Glass Now gets you auto glass now.”

Between the visuals and the messaging, the marketing campaign was designed to stand out.

“We wanted to find a little bit of blue ocean in a very competitive space,” says Kyle Ankrom.

After integrating multiple acquisitions, AGN has been building its auto glass businesses across the U.S. Ankrom says this marketing campaign is a great way to show the company’s unity and bring their feisty underdog spirit to life!

Watch one of AGN’s new commercials below:

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