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Bloomington, Ill., September 21, 2005 - State Farm Insurance has announced the availability of its new Offer and Acceptance program agreement for the auto glass repair and replacement industry. The company is providing a streamlined process for glass service providers to join the program, with plans to use the METRYX™ industry services registry hosted by LYNX Services® as the basis of its O&A enrollment.

"State Farm supports freedom of choice for our policyholders in their selection of a glass service provider. Therefore, the open enrollment aspect of the O&A Program is designed to promote participation by all qualified glass repair and replacement companies," said Bob Bischoff, glass claim services manager, State Farm.

The METRYX registry allows all auto glass repair/replacement service providers to manage their offerings through a self-maintained company profile, which includes service areas and professional credentials among other differentiators.

"We have the opportunity to have a better understanding of the qualifications, capacity, and capabilities of the companies that participate in the State Farm program," added Bischoff. "We believe this understanding, and the opportunity to validate the participation of companies that are, for example, AGRSS registered, will further enhance the quality and customer satisfaction results that we deliver to our policyholders."

The program is open to any service provider, and with security provided through a user ID and password to the LYNX Glass Participant Portal. New enrollees can obtain password security by entering a LYNX job number and tax ID information. For glass service providers to maintain their status with State Farm, they will need to log on to the METRYX registry through the LYNX Services website - - and accept the terms and conditions of the State Farm program. The new O&A program will be live October 19, 2005.

"One new aspect of the O&A program is the opportunity for participating glass service providers to designate, through METRYX, their company's service territory, down to the specific ZIP code level. Another benefit is that we're moving from a location-by-location agreement with service providers to a new parent company level agreement. This is more efficient for every company that has more than one service center, and we have needed this update to the O&A agreement," explained Bischoff. "Our philosophy has not changed; we remain committed to supporting customer choice and to inviting participation by all qualified glass service providers. I believe that we will create a more user-friendly and cost-efficient process for all our contracted providers, while promoting awareness of leading standards and customer service attributes that help ensure quality and satisfaction among our policyholders," he concluded.

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