Auto Glass Expo @ NACE Almost Full
September 29, 2009

The Auto Glass Expo @ NACE, which is coming up November 5-7 in Las Vegas, is almost completely full. There's just one spot left in the annual event, which is part of the NACE Expo, and the annual Auto Glass Week in Las Vegas.

All the events included in the week are held at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. This includes the Fifth Annual Auto Glass Technician Olympics, the Fourth Annual Walt Gorman Memorial Windshield Repair Olympics, the International Auto Glass Safety (AGRSS) Conference, and the Independent Glass Association and National Windshield Repair Association's Fall Marketing Conferences.

"Having the Pilkington Auto Glass Olympics competition, along with the many auto glass related demos, co-located with NACE, gives attendees the opportunity to see both actual installations surrounded by the auto glass community, all in one place," says Debra Levy publisher of AGRR magazine, an official sponsor of the Auto Glass Expo.

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