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AGRSS Requests Clarification on Possible Revisions to Z26.1

The Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standards (AGRSS) Council's chairperson, Cindy Ketcherside, sent a letter to John Turnbull, chairperson SAE Z26.1 Committee on December 20, outlining the group's position on the proposed 7.3 revisions to the standard and requesting clarification to the revisions.

"Our understanding is the Glazing Committee oversees Z26.1 addressing only the original (OE) glass installed in a vehicle," writes Ketcherside. "We would like you to clarify that 7.3 does indeed address only original glass and does not address any replacement glass installed in the vehicle because of defects or breakage."

She goes on to write, "The replacement glass, to be installed, would require primers and possibly other 'chemical treatments' to prepare the glass surface to accept the urethane/ adhesive, prior to re-glazing. The primers could be considered to be a chemical additive to the glass, thus requiring the identification markings as specified in 7.3 of your draft."

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