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Second-Time AGTO Competitor Says There's No Substitute for Experience

When asked what advice he might give his fellow competitors, second-time Auto Glass Technician Olympics (AGTO) contestant Travis Crebs of Techna Glass in Taylorsville, Utah, says, "There's no substitute for experience."

But, that's not the only key. "Just be patient and try to relax," he warns.

Crebs, who has been installing glass for 15 years, won his spot at this year's AGTO by competing in his company's qualifying competition on July 12. He placed second in that competition. Joining him in the competition will be fellow Techna Glass installer Josh Call.

Right now, he's preparing for the competition-but mostly by doing his daily job.

"I prepare on a daily basis, trying to follow the format," he says.

In Crebs' spare time, he enjoys mountain biking and spending time with his wife, Kristi, and three daughters, Shianne, 15, Chloe, 8, and Abby, 5.

The AGTO will be held November 7-8, 2008, at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas.

The AGTO is held as part of Auto Glass Week in Las Vegas, in conjunction with the Auto Glass Expo at NACE, the International Auto Glass Safety (AGRSS) Conference, the IGA's Fall Marketing Conference, the National Windshield Repair Association's (NWRA) Annual Conference, and the Third Annual Walt Gorman Memorial Windshield Repair Olympics (WRO).

Corporate sponsors include Pilkington North America (a platinum sponsor), SRP (ruby), Dow Automotive (sapphire), Mygrant Glass (sapphire), Gold Glass Group (emerald) and ADCO (emerald). In addition, Crystal Glass and Mainstreet Computers are sponsors of this year's innovation award.

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