A.N Designs Offers New Paint Protection Blades

Robert Nilsson, president of A.N. Designs Inc., manufacturer of the UltraWiz® brand of auto glass blades and cutting knives, has announced the launch of his newest set of UltraWiz® cold knife blades: the coated, UltraThin paint protection blades, which he says are ready to cut right from the package.

Manufactured at company headquarters in Torrington, Conn., Nilsson said he chose to coat the UltraWiz® UltraThin blades because of their strength and thinness. After many tests, a resilient, durable coating was selected for the blades, which Nilsson says protect automotive paint from scratches and damage, while cutting out windshields with exposed pinchwelds.

"The coating is applied heavily to the backside of the 51C0 Series paint protection blades where it is needed, but very thin on the inside surface which goes against the glass. This feature is critical because of the limited clearance between the glass and pinchweld due to new vehicle designs," Nilsson explains. "With enough clearance for the blade between the glass and body, the concerns about scratching and pinchweld paint damage are reduced. Because the coated shank is narrow, the blade can easily maneuver around tight radius corners with out damaging paint."

"I kept the coating off the cutting edge to maintain the blade's sharpness," Nilsson added. "This keeps the pulling force to a minimum." Nilsson also suggests bit of technical advice; "Always keep the blades sharp, and use an approved cutting fluid such as water as a cutting lubricant."

The paint protection blades are available through our current distribution network. The part numbers for the UltraWiz® Paint Protection Blades are: 51C1-M - ¾" cut length; 51C2-M - 1" cut length; 51C3-M - 1¼" cut length; 51C4-M - 1½" cut length.

For more information visit: www.ultrawiztools.com

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